• New Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI).
  • Screen-space shadows.
  • 3D spline system.
  • Vector roads API.
  • Landcover data support.
  • Terrain modification API.
  • C++ programming quick start tutorial.
  • New Superposition demo with VR features.
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Superposition Benchmark Has Been Released

Superposition benchmark continues the line of GPU benchmarks by UNIGINE used by tens of millions people around the world. Superposition is a new-generation benchmark tailored for testing reliability and performance of the latest GPUs. Top-notch visuals, support for VR-devices and an interactive mode with mini-games — the list of features built into Superposition could go on and on. Download it now and try!

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Artist John Gerrard Presented His New Work in London

Irish artist John Gerrard, famous for his monumental real-time 3D digital installations, presented his new artwork at Wellcome Collection, London. X. laevis (Spacelab) 2017 is a 3D live simulation, powered by UNIGINE 2 Engine, which is the primary engine used by the artist and his collaborators.

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  • Optimized ObjectTerrainGlobal.
  • ObjectCloudLayer improvements.
  • Landscape tool optimizations.
  • Improved API for geo-referenced vector data manipulations.
  • Overall engine improvements and bugfixes.
  • Added interactive features into Oil Refinery demo.
  • New C# integration samples.
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  • New multi-layered clouds with support for regional weather.
  • New terrain system optimized for flight simulation.
  • Optimized Landscape tool.
  • API for geo-referenced vector data manipulations.
  • Extended features of the VR API.
  • Added support for Oculus Touch controllers.
  • New industrial demo: Oil Refinery.
  • New terrain demo (San Jose region).
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Twinmotion Won French Government BIM Award

The award-winning Twinmotion software won the top prize in the “Planning, Visualization, and Communications” Category. Twinmotion is a visualization and 3D immersion software dedicated to architecture, urban planning, and landscape design, powered by UNIGINE 1 rendering engine.

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Superposition Benchmark on Steam Greenlight

Introducing UNIGINE Superposition Benchmark, a new GPU stress-testing tool to be released at the end of the year. It is powered by UNIGINE 2 Engine and offers highly immersive VR mode with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive HMDs in addition to rich benchmarking features.

Please vote for the benchmark via Greenlight system to make it available on Steam.

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RF-X Flight Simulator Release in October

Knife Edge Software, the leading Radio Controlled Simulators developer, has announced next generation of their flagship product, RealFlight— now powered by UNIGINE 2. A total refresh of concept, RF-X stands on the shoulders of two decades of RC flight sim experience.

The developer expects RF-X to begin reaching customers in October.

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  • Landscape tool optimizations (upto 4x faster, less RAM required)
  • Renderer optimizations, including VR ones
  • GPGPU (General-purpose GPU) computing via compute shaders
  • High-quality DXT texture compression on GPU
  • Structured buffers for CPU <-> GPU data transfer
  • New Tank demo
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  • Round Earth
  • Bow/stern ship wake waves, shoreline
  • Underwater sun shafts, caustics
  • Reworked DoF
  • Global illumination effect
  • Improved support for SSRR
  • Implemented GGX mipmaps
  • HTC Vive support
  • Completely revamped Landscape tool
  • Better API: C# mathlib, better callbacks, new helpers
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Dual Universe Switches to UNIGINE

Dual Universe, a sci-fi game being developed by French company Novaquark, has switched to UNIGINE 2 because it matches their requirements (performance, huge world, flexibility) better than any other technology.

This MMO game is a gigantic multi-planet world where players are free to invent their collective destiny in a persistent single-shard universe. First alpha version is scheduled for release in 2016.

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New NAVANTIS Ship Simulator Presented at DIMDEX 2016

During DIMDEX 2016 in Doha (Qatar), NAVANTIA presented a new ship simulator named NAVANTIS (Navantia Training Integrated System) powered by

First held in 2008, Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX) is a leading event in the international maritime defense and security industry calendar.

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