Introducing Our Customers: KAMK

Dec 15, 2018

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Meet Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), Finland. KAMK is an international learning and development community. The university consists of five schools of different profiles. One of the subdivisions is Virtual Industry Solutions (VIS) team working under the school of engineering. For their project targeted to the mining industry, they recently chose UNIGINE engine.

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The project name is OredVR — visualizing ore deposits with virtual reality. Its aim to develop a VR/AR solution to assist mine planning and decision making. The solution utilizes existing data from mines and external sources. Mines typically have their own local coordinate systems, whereas some other data use other coordinate systems. Synchronization of such data is essential to provide visual representation of the mine and the ore deposits.

“We started to work on this project with another popular engine, but changed to UNIGINE some time ago. The main advantages of UNIGINE for our needs are the coordination system, as well as double precision float feature. We work with very large datasets and UNIGINE can handle these well. Then again, as we are working with industrial solution, support for CAD models is very useful”, — shared Jonna Kalermo-Poranen, Head of VIS Lab.

Also, Jonna noted the importance of lighting features and volumetric effects, as they are essential for visualizing dark, foggy and dusty underground mines.

Waiting for the first materials of KAMK project powered by UNIGINE to share it with you. Stay tuned!