Introducing Our Customers: Ediser

Oct 05, 2018

Recently we have crossed a new threshold — now more than 200 companies use UNIGINE technologies worldwide. So it’s time to introduce them to you. Of course, the part which is not under NDA.

Ediser logo1

Let’s start with our French partner, the Ediser company, that is specialized in the design of innovative teaching materials and tools and multimedia software applications intended for the driver training. They supplied about 1 800 simulators for the last 13 years and became a key player in the European automotive driving simulation market. Ediser manufactures automotive ground vehicle driving simulators intended for all kind of drivers or categories and training (passenger cars, trucks, buses, ambulances, first aid vehicles, police cars – beginner or experienced drivers, and so on).

“The company has the ambition to become a global leader in the world driving simulation market with one of the most productive R&D Sector. For this goal we needed next-gen cutting-edge software and UNIGINE was the only one who meets our technical and product requirements”, — says Patrice Arrighi, Simulations Project Manager at Ediser.

The Ediser software powered by UNIGINE technology is not yet marketable because still in construction. Nevertheless, Ediser took the opportunity to offer “sneak peaks” presentations to visitors at ITEC 2018 to show the capabilities and innovative features of the software. The audience and visitors who tried and those who have seen the software were simply amazed and impressed by the imaging quality and the fluidity of the software but also by the 3D drawings and visuals details pushed to the extreme.

The first step of the Ediser software powered by UNIGINE development is expected to reach market in 2019. We wish our French partner, Ediser, to achieve the result even more perfect than they planned. Our technical support is always ready to help.