Dec 27, 2018

UNIGINE SDK 2.7.3 has been released! In 2.7.3 we gathered a lot of improvements that were planned for 2.8 and some much more.

Key Changes

  • Major UnigineEditor update: new features, performance optimizations
  • Rendering improvements
  • Extended IG application template
  • Experimental road tool (WorldSplineGraph system)
  • Properties system upgrade: support for arrays and complex data structures
  • Component system evolution: improved performance, multi-threading, SDK Browser integration

These and other updates are available now. Let’s look through them.

Context menu create

UnigineEditor Update

The main tool, you build your UNIGINE worlds with, became more powerful and easy to use. We optimized a lot of repeatedly used operations to make them faster and easier.

Improved texture and geometry import, better placement tools, improved surface management allow you to increase your project’s performance and make your work more efficient and consistent.

Find out more about other Editor improvements in our devlog.

Context menu 0

Rendering Improvements

We strive to make our worlds as close to real as possible, to create a truly immersive experience, so we’ve introduced a number of rendering features and improvements in this release.

  • Improved Refraction for Glass
  • Vertex Color Animation for Vegetation
  • Adaptive Automatic White Balance Correction
  • Screen-Space Dirt Effect and other updates
Glass rotation 785

Extended IG Application Template

The updated IG (Image Generator) template is designed to be simple, easy to use 3D visualization component for distributed simulation & training systems. Its architecture enables easy connecting with industry-standard communication protocol (CIGI and HLA are currently supported).

Updated weather effects, global wind system affecting clouds and trees, support for ephemeris system and other improvements allow to create an immersive virtual world. There are also high-level systems for airport and aircraft lights, as well as dynamic entities controls.

Experimental Road Tool

Experimental version of the road tool is available now! It enables you to create roads simply by setting up and adjusting control points via the UnigineEditor. You can easily change the appearance of the road system by using your own custom geometry as building blocks for various complex elements of your roads — junctions, bridges, ramps etc.

Spline tool

Properties System Upgrade

We upgraded the Properties System. Now properties support complex data types (structure and array), providing an exceptional flexibility in implementing your application logic. For example, structures can also include other structures (nested) and can be organized in a hierarchy with parameter inheritance and overloading (much like in object-oriented programming).

Component System Evolution

We improved the Component System. Multiple performance optimizations, along with use of multi-threading as well as SDK Browser integration, make it even more powerful and easy-to-use. A number of operations could be performed in parallel, so it reduces the amount of code you have to write and speeds up development process.

Other Important Updates

  • Improved sky rendering
  • Improved Environment Probes
  • VR Optimizations

You can find the full list of improvements and more detailed overview of all UNIGINE 2.7.3 SDK features in our development blog.