DLR (German Aerospace Center) Licensed UNIGINE 2 Sim

Sep 21, 2018

DLR chose UNIGINE 2 Sim because of its outstanding performance, support of large scenarios and photorealistic graphics. For correct simulation of space missions, it is critical to have 3D engine with 64-bit precision of coordinates, which is capable of rendering both close and very distant objects at the Solar system scale, together with planet-scale landscapes.

Here’s what Tobias Bellmann, Head of the DLR Systems and Control Innovation Lab (SCIL), told about implementation of UNIGINE:

“The performance of Unigine 2 Engine (Sim edition) as well as the graphical fidelity is very impressive. It marks a significant improvement over the previously used software. I especially like how one can control custom rendering calls. It's very flexible and quite easy to use. Rendering large landscapes is a key feature for us.

We licensed UNIGINE Sim for the continued development of our “DLR Visualization Library” for Modelica. This ensures that our software will continue to provide the highest graphics quality for high-class, realistic Visualizations, while preserving its easy integration into simulations”.

Unigine team is looking forward to continue cooperating with DLR in order to provide scientific world with best possible real-time 3D visualization.