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News 2020-02-27

“Azimut-Alliance” develops ATC automation systems software with UNIGINE

Each employee of the air traffic control tower (ATC) controls up to several dozen aircraft per hour. But before taking such a huge responsibility, controllers spend tens of hours on simulators, practicing every possible situation and getting accustomed to new procedures.

We are delighted to be involved in the training of air traffic controllers thanks to our partners, the “Azimut-Alliance” company (a part of the “Azimut” company), a developer of controller working positions and software for ATC automation systems.

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Devlog 2019-12-26

UNIGINE 2.10: New Terrain, Improved C++/C# API, Editor Plugins, Vehicle System

After almost 2 years in development, we have the new terrain system production ready! It features extremely detailed (down to 1 mm/pixel resolution) landscapes of real-world scale (at least 10 000 x 10 000 km in size), supports runtime geometry modification (craters, trenches), up to 5-10 times faster, supports binoculars / scopes (up to x20 / down to 1 degree FOV), compatible with team collaborative editing.

Another important changes of the 2.10 release are:

  • Improved C++ and C# API
  • Plugins system for UnigineEditor
  • High-level vehicle physics system
  • Improved clouds: more types, better visuals
  • IG updates: adaptive quality management, easier configuration
  • New tools to increase productivity of content creators
  • Teslasuit integration (full-body haptics)
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News 2019-12-25

UNIGINE team is back from I / ITSEC 2019 from Florida!

It was an amazing opportunity to show our new products to more than 16,000 visitors and simulation professionals from around the world.

The demo of the Mars was an unconditional success! And only professional pilots managed with landing a helicopter on a burning platform.

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News 2019-11-28

I/ITSEC 2019: Drive Mars Rover at UNIGINE Booth

UNIGINE team will take part in the international exhibition I/ITSEC 2019, to be held in Orlando (USA, Florida), December 2nd to 4th. Especially for I / ITSEC we have prepared new demos. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to drive a Mars rover or land a rescue helicopter on the oil platform.

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News 2019-09-04

UNIGINE Adds Support For Varjo VR-1 Headset In The 2.9 SDK Release

The UNIGINE team has successfully integrated the Varjo VR-1 headset in our 3D Engine. The VR-1 is one of the most advanced HMDs currently available on the market. The helmet features full eye tracking with sub-degree accuracy, and it’s complemented by the Bionic Display, a human-eye resolution screen that features a resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree.

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Devlog 2019-08-19

UNIGINE 2.9: C# Components, Better Shadows, SSSSS, Dome Screens Support And Much More

At UNIGINE we make it a point to deliver timely and useful updates, as we want our customers to be always satisfied with the user experience and graphical performance of our engine.

For this reason we’re excited to present our latest update, UNIGINE 2.9, which made improvements over a huge variety of features. We worked on the graphical quality, we improved performance, we developed new scripting tools. We even added new demos and samples! 

An overview of all the major features in this release is available below. For the full changelog, make sure to check out our developer portal.

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News 2019-07-18

UNIGINE Team Participated in IMDS-2019

UNIGINE team participated in the Ninth International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2019) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was held on July 10–14. The event is one of the world's leading exhibitions in the maritime and shipbuilding industry. 

The exhibition extended to more than 15,000 square meters with 353 companies from 29 countries, new marine technologies were showcased at outdoor stage and in the water area of the Gulf of Finland. The show brought together 50 official delegations from 36 countries. More than 46 000 specialists shared their experience regarding shipbuilding, navigation, communications, and control systems, naval aviation, new materials and advanced technologies.

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News 2019-07-15

Explore New Vegetation Features in UNIGINE 2.8

Vegetation plays a huge role in different scenarios: outdoor scenes, architectural visualization, and even aircraft simulations. In UNIGINE 2.8, we introduced a number of improvements to our greenery look more immersive and convincing. Here we’d like to share our progress on the visual quality of vegetation objects: trees, bushes, grass, etc.

  • Better Impostors with Depth Texture
  • Updated Subsurface Scattering (SSS) for Leaves and Grass
  • Natural Tree Topology with Angle Fade and Rotate Normals Options
  • Improved Anti-Aliasing

Check the video preview from the upcoming demo and see a short breakdown of the latest features!

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News 2019-07-09

New Video Tutorial: Physics

Unlike many other engines using third-party solutions, UNIGINE has its own built-in physics module. It is capable of simulating different types of physical interactions and impacts. The module provides support for gravity and collision detection, friction and bouncing, buoyancy and two-way water interaction, joints with motors and springs, procedural destruction, external physical forces, etc. Moreover, thanks to the support of double precision coordinates, planet-scale virtual worlds with correct physics can be created.

Check out our new detailed video tutorial and learn how to create dynamic physical objects and empower your virtual worlds with life-like physical effects.

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News 2019-06-25

UNIGINE Visited International Paris Air Show

UNIGINE team visited the world’s largest aerospace event — International Paris Air Show held at Le Bourget from 17 to 23 June 2019. This 53rd Salon traditionally gathered participants from worldwide aerospace industry who represented their innovative technological solutions.This year the event was the biggest ever and welcomed a record number of exhibitors and visitors.

Key figures of the Salon:

  • 2,453 exhibitors from 49 countries
  • 125,000 sqm of exhibition space
  • 316,470 visitors  
  • 140 aircraft presented, including 36 in flight presentation
  • 140 billion dollars’ worth of contracts signed
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News 2019-06-19

New Video Tutorial: Water

We know that lifelike-looking and physically correct water simulation with complex behaviour is crucial for many projects. That’s why UNIGINE provides geometry waves with a correct Beaufort scale 0-12, ship wake waves, caustics effect, shoreline simulation, and underwater mode out-of-the-box.

Moreover, we are going to introduce the real-scale round planet Earth solution soon with bathymetric data added, therefore, physics simulation in UNIGINE is as close to reality as possible.

Check out our new detailed tutorial covering the basics of creating lifelike water in UNIGINE. Learn all the available features, options, and effects, visualize a realistic virtual environment, and raise your simulator to a new level of immersion!

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Devlog 2019-05-01


UNIGINE SDK 2.8 has been released! We continue to push the boundaries of visual realism with the latest rendering improvements. And a huge pack of various features and updates have contributed to overall engine performance improvement and reduction of spikes.

Key Changes

  • Redesigned asynchronous data streaming to.

  • Improved utilization of multiple CPU cores throughout the engine.

  • Cached shadows optimization.

  • Various vegetation improvements.

  • Better reflections with additive blending and occlusion clipping.

  • UnigineEditor’s transformation.

  • Major IG Template update.

These and other updates are already available.

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