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Devlog 2016-09-20


  • Landscape tool optimizations (upto 4x faster, less RAM required)
  • Renderer optimizations, including VR ones
  • GPGPU (General-purpose GPU) computing via compute shaders
  • High-quality DXT texture compression on GPU
  • Structured buffers for CPU <-> GPU data transfer
  • New Tank demo
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News 2016-09-19

MIXAR 2016

Denis Shergin (CEO of UNIGINE) will give a "Planet-scale VR" talk at MIXAR 2016 conference (Moscow, September 24).

MIXAR is an annual event on new technologies (3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Technologies) and their application in science, art and business.

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Devlog 2016-08-09


  • Round Earth
  • Bow/stern ship wake waves, shoreline
  • Underwater sun shafts, caustics
  • Reworked DoF
  • Global illumination effect
  • Improved support for SSRR
  • Implemented GGX mipmaps
  • HTC Vive support
  • Completely revamped Landscape tool
  • Better API: C# mathlib, better callbacks, new helpers
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News 2016-06-06

ISS Spacewalk Virtual Training

S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" is working on UNIGINE-based virtual training system for spacewalks. The deep immersion simulator is to be used for International Space Station missions.

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News 2016-05-04

Dual Universe Switches to UNIGINE

Dual Universe, a sci-fi game being developed by French company Novaquark, has switched to UNIGINE 2 because it matches their requirements (performance, huge world, flexibility) better than any other technology.

This MMO game is a gigantic multi-planet world where players are free to invent their collective destiny in a persistent single-shard universe. First alpha version is scheduled for release in 2016.

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Press-Release 2016-04-15

New NAVANTIS Ship Simulator Presented at DIMDEX 2016

During DIMDEX 2016 in Doha (Qatar), NAVANTIA presented a new ship simulator named NAVANTIS (Navantia Training Integrated System) powered by

First held in 2008, Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX) is a leading event in the international maritime defense and security industry calendar.

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Devlog 2016-04-07


  • New orbits demo
  • Water improvements (bigger waves, better reflections, better underwater mode)
  • Support for Oculus CV1 (consumer version)
  • Introducing export to FBX
  • Improved SimLights add-on
  • Other improvements and minor bugfixes
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Devlog 2016-03-18


  • New simulation-friendly water with geometric waves (Beaufort scale 0-12)
  • Unified C++/C#/UnigineScript API with full access to the engine features
  • Improved lights and shadows
  • Introduced tiled rendering optimizations
  • Better Qt integration
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015
  • Improved geodetic system
  • SimLights add-on for airfield lights
  • New Oil Rig demo

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    News 2015-12-29

    The Earth Model R&D Prototype

    We have unveiled the preview video of 3D Earth model R&D prototype.

    The video explains some aspects of procedural refinement applied to input data from various sources.

    Coming to UNIGINE Sim in 2016.

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    Devlog 2015-12-10

    UNIGINE SDK 2.1.1

    • Added Port Angeles demo (2500 square kilometers based on real geospatial data)
    • Improved UUSL consistency
    • Extended C++/C# API
    • Added Grass and Clutter samples
    • Bug fixes
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    Devlog 2015-12-02


    • Improved atmospheric light scattering: easy setup, more predictable visuals, better quality.
    • Increased depth buffer precision.
    • Rendering performance optimizations.
    • Improved antialiasing quality.
    • Introduced ObjectText.
    • Support for OS X El Capitan.
    • "Assemble project" feature in SDK Browser.
    • Introduced new set of samples.
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    Press-Release 2015-10-10


    UNIGINE Corp. has released a major update of its interactive 3D platform, UNIGINE 2.0. The release incorporates more than 1.5 years of technology improvements:

    • Improved visual qualty
    • Optimized performance
    • Improved tools usability
    • Added many new features

    UNIGINE 2 is already available for licensing in three editions.

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