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News 2006-06-06

Unigine v0.4 status

Unigine v0.4 has had OpenGL/Direct3D render with a lot of new features like parallax mapping, ambient occlusion mapping, ellipsoid lights, translucence, advanced soft shadows and much much more.
There were also implemented various unscheduled (but very impressive) features in v0.4 so it takes more time (1,5-2 months) to complete it properly.
We are very greateful to all Unigine community for the patience, v0.4 will not disappoint you (v0.4-powered demo will be available for download soon).

News 2006-02-24

Unigine in education

Unigine demos have been used as practical demonstration of modern 3D graphics technologies in Computer Graphics course at James Cook University, Australia at 2005.
News 2006-02-08

ATI registered developer

Unigine Corp. has been approved as ATI registered developer. This will help us to make Unigine more compliant with hardware from ATI Technologies Inc.
News 2006-01-31

2 years of Unigine development

2 years ago the first line of Unigine's code was written by Alexander Zaprjagaev. Since that time the engine has grown from small open source project into commercial product with a lot of features.
News 2006-01-27

Creative Labs registered developer

Our list of partners is growing: Unigine Corp. has been approved as Creative Labs registered developer in addition to being NVIDIA registered developer.
News 2005-12-29

Happy New Year!

Unigine team congratulates all our clients and the site visitors with oncoming New Year!
We wish you success and happiness in every respect.

By the way, we have prepared some pleasant surprises for the first days of New Year, so stay tuned.

News 2005-12-22

Unigine v0.4 roadmap changes

There are a lot of changes in Unigine v0.4 roadmap, including DirectX support, huge
dynamically loaded terrains, big endian platforms support (Mac, XBox360, PS3).
Therefore v0.4 will be released a little bit later, in the spring (April-May), beta-version will be available in

News 2005-11-25

Unigine v0.4 development progress

Forthcoming Unigine v0.4 is close to alpha stage.
A new tool named Resource Editor, which combines viewer (supports static, morphing and skined meshes) and
normalmapper into one, is ready to use now.
Plugins set for Maya and 3DStudio now is complete.
There are also new widgets in GUI plus rich text formatting, IME input and clipboard support.

News 2005-10-08

Unigine v0.33 release

Unigine v0.33 is released. This release introduces PRT (Precomputed Radiance Transfer) lighting, bytecode compiler speedup and GUI improvements. Two entirely new demos are available for download. Read detailed announcement.
News 2005-07-25

Bytecode compiler benchmarking

We had compared performance of Unigine bytecode compiler with PERL, Python and Lua. You can see benchmarking results (14 different tests) by yourself.
News 2005-07-14

Unigine v0.32 release

New version of Unigine is released. Main changes are fast bytecode compiler for scripting, resources encryption, set of new tools (including MeshViewer, NormalMapper and Doom3/Quake3 map converters) and evaluation kit. Read official announcement.
News 2005-07-07

Frequently Asked Questions

Unigine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are published in 'documentation' section. There you could find answers about technology and licenses.