Afterfall and Unigine Corp. combine forces

juin 16, 2006

Unigine Corp., creators of a high-quality graphics engine - Unigine, and Intoxicate Interactive have signed a license agreement for the engine. The agreement is so favorable for Intoxicate Interactive that the young developers do not have to pay any fees up front and can focus on making their game. Unigine developers emphasize the need for cooperation with both young and innovative development groups as well as providing middleware solutions to large established companies. The decision of Unigine Corp. was influenced by the professional quality of work at Intoxicate Interactive that has just completed the pre-production of its first game - Afterfall. The Unigine engine shall be used to develop both a demo version of Afterfall and the final product.

Afterfall is a computer game set in Central Europe destroyed in the course of a nuclear war. It is a postapocalyptic computer role-playing game (cRPG) that introduces you into a story of a search for identity. You are going to become the protagonist of a tale about the rebuilding of the lost order. Afterfall is going to be a "For Gamers By Gamers" project in the spirit of legendary Fallout series.

The Unigine engine has powerful 3D render, integrated physics, GUI, built-in scripting system, sound module (all of this is available both under Linux and MS Windows), and supports most of modern technologies like background data streaming, soft shadows, HDR and much more. Unigine improves the appeal of the Afterfall, making it indistinguishable from large-scale commercial projects both with regard to graphics and physics.

"Acquiring Unigine has enabled us to drastically improve the pace of our work on Afterfall. However, we are still looking for additional funds and growth opportunities. Please visit Afterfall Marketing, where you can learn more on our initiative" said Andrzej Koloska, founder of Intoxicate Interactive.

"All of us were amazed of what Afterfall team have already created on the basis of Unigine, these guys surpassed our expectations about capabilities of our own engine. We do believe in Afterfall team because they managed to go so far in the development of their project without any financing. That's why we have supported them by providing Unigine technologies for free at the period while they have no publisher or any kind of investor. I'm sure that this going to be a great game if someone will support this talented team" commented Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.