Feature Preview: Shader Graph Editor

Feature Preview
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Node-based systems are becoming an essential part of digital content creation tools, so more and more artists are comfortable with them. Based on the numerous user requests, we decided to introduce a node-based editor for materials in UNIGINE Engine. It allows creating custom materials without writing actual shader code, which brings a lot of flexibility […]

Autonomous Flying Cars And VR

Autonomous Vehicles
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Several decades ago we taught computers to count and saw the direct way to perfect future of fully-skilled robots executing routine tasks. Back in 1924 Popular Science magazine unveiled the concept of flying cars which was one of the most desired inventions of the 20th century. In 1985 watching Back to the Future only the […]

Why Smart City is the only possible city?

Smart Cities
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There are not so many people around thinking about the area they dwell in. I mean really thinking about efficiency, economy, aesthetics, standards. We rarely even raise our heads up and turn our eyes away from smartphones to contemplate the scenery or enjoy the view in the city. And more often than not it’s justified. […]

State Of The AR/VR Technology In 2019

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As the year comes to the end, it is time to look back at how the AR/VR technology progressed in 2019. I will be focused on the enterprise market here since at UNIGINE we are dealing with such customers more frequently. Augmented Reality First, AR. This year we evidenced a lot of loud failures there. […]