Brand Assets

Our logo is one of the most valuable brand assets. Please follow the design and usage guidelines provided on this page. Using the provided links, you can download the logo set and the detailed guidelines.

Feel free to use our logo for references to our website or UNIGINE products.

Standard UNIGINE Logo

Wherever possible, use the horizontal logo arrangement — this is the standard logo variant.

Logo main

Vertical Arrangement

This logo variation is designed for square and vertical shape formats. Use this arrangement if the standard logo cannot be used (for example, on social media sites).

Logo vertical
Logo vertical black

Made with UNIGINE Mark

Made with UNIGINE or Made with UNIGINE 2 mark is to be used in promotional, informational, and advertising materials (screenshots, videos, etc.).

Logo made with
Logo made with black

Brand Guidelines

Clear Space

It is critical to maintain an open area surrounding the logo so that it does not become mixed with other graphical elements or text. The minimum clear space is equal to the height of the letter U. If possible, make the clear space more than the minimum.

Environment space

Distance to Other Logos

If our logo neighbors other logos in vertical or horizontal space, please try to make all logos look visually equivalent and observe the corresponding recommended intervals.

The minimum distance to another logo depends on the logo size and is equal to 1.5 height of the letter U.

With another logos eng

Minimum Sizing

It is important that the logo is always legible. Therefore, there is a limitation for the minimum size. The minimum print width of the standard logo is 25 mm, the minimum digital width is 96 pixels.

For the vertical logo arrangement, the minimum print width is 21 mm, the minimum digital width is 80 pixels.

Min size logo eng


  1. Use the standard black-color (UNIGINE Black) logo on a white or light-color background.
  2. Use an inverted-color logo variant on a dark-color background.
  3. The logo can be used on a bright-color background in either the standard or inverted color variant in the way that ensures the proper contrast.

Logo on background 1
Logo on background 2
Logo on background 3
Logo on background 4
Logo on background 5
Logo on background 6


  1. If the logo is placed on a background image, it is crucial that all its elements are legible.
  2. Depending on the image, choose the standard or inverted color variant to ensure a proper contrast, and try to place the logo in a uniform background area.
  3. If the logo has to be placed on a visually busy background, ensure a one-color box behind the logo.

Made with 1
Made with 2
Made with 3

Improper Usage

The company logo is integral, all its elements are arranged in the specific proportion and at the definite position relative to each other. It is strictly prohibited to modify the logo in any way to prevent losing the logo identity.

Here are the most common (but not all) cases of misusing the UNIGINE logo that should be avoided.

Wrong 1

Don’t add a stroke.

Wrong 2

Don’t use the device without the wordmark.

Wrong 3

Don’t use the wordmark without the device.

Wrong 4

Don’t use the outdated logo version.

Wrong 5

Don’t use incorrect color or gradient for the logo or any of its elements.

Wrong 6

Don’t rearrange the elements of the logo other than designed.

Wrong 7

Don’t rotate or deform the logo or any of its components.

Wrong 8

Don’t add shadows or any other creative effects.

Wrong 9

Don’t place the logo on a busy, complex, or insufficiently contrast background.

Цветовая палитра (основная)


Hex: #ffffff
RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


Hex: #000913
RGB: 0, 9, 19
CMYK: 60, 0, 0, 100
Pantone: Black 6 C


Hex: #9dd932
RGB: 157, 217, 50
CMYK: 40, 0, 80, 0
Pantone: 2299 C

Цветовая палитра (дополнительная)


Hex: #013665
RGB: 1, 54, 101
CMYK: 100, 50, 0, 60
Pantone: 2955 C


Hex: #00a8ec
RGB: 0, 168, 236
CMYK: 100, 0, 0, 0
Pantone: 2202 C


Hex: #ff7f00
RGB: 255, 127, 0
CMYK: 0, 50, 100, 0
Pantone: 151 C


Hex: #a978fa
RGB: 169, 120, 250
CMYK: 55, 60, 0, 0
Pantone: 265 C