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Press-Release 2009-01-19

AI3D has released a city-scale project based on Unigine technologies

Brisbane, Australia - January 19, 2009 - AI3D Pty Ltd, an Australian company has successfully released a city-scale architectural visualization project, which is based on Unigine. Detailed info on this real-time project will be released later because at the moment there are some restrictions applied due to client confidentiality.

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Press-Release 2008-12-03

First production stage of "Magus ex Machina" is completed

Lima, Peru - December 3rd, 2008 - Qilqax International has successfully completed first production stage of "Magus ex Machina", the first 3D animated movie developed using a videogame GPU rendering technique, based on Unigine technologies.

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Press-Release 2008-12-01

DHLXStudios licenses Unigine technologies

Athens, Greece - December 1st, 2008 - DHLXStudios, a Greek newly formed game development company licensed Unigine engine to be used in development of a 3D multi-user virtual world platform for immersive, parallel, cultural story telling.

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Press-Release 2008-11-24

VZillion Inc. and Unigine Corp. create unique alliance to bring virtual Internet to life

VZillion Inc. the innovator of the Virtual Internet, today announced that it has licensed the versatile multi-platform Unigine 3D engine, to increase its footprint in the rapidly expanding market of virtual entertainment and social immersive environments.

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Press-Release 2008-10-30

"Tropics" Demo 1.1 shows DirectX 10.1 features

The new Tropics Demo 1.1, which is based on the latest Unigine technologies, is released on October, 30 and available for download now.

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News 2008-09-29

News on multiplayer support

Our developers have been working on a multiplayer solution in Unigine for several months now, a lot of research work has already done. We are to complete the module in 5-6 months, it will be available as a regular update for our customers.
Press-Release 2008-09-04

"Tropics", a new Unigine-powered demo is released

A new Unigine-powered "Tropics" demo is released and available for download now.

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News 2008-06-05

New office for development studio

Our Tomsk development studio has moved to a new comfortable office in the center of the city, see contacts page for more details. There are open vacancies in connection with the fact.
News 2008-04-26

Free software conference

Unigine Corp. is one of the initiators of "Free software: development and deployment" all-Russia conference, which will take place in Tomsk, Russia at 17-18 May. Read more on the official website (in Russian).
News 2008-04-08

Unigine at RGDC (KRI) 2008

Our CEO, CTO and lead 3D artist are going to attend Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI), which will take place from 18th to 20th of April in Moscow, Russia. Please contact us to make an appointment if you are interested in Unigine.
Press-Release 2008-03-25

PlaySys develops a Unigine-based 3D adventure game

PlaySys, an Italian media and entertainment studio, bought Unigine license for its realtime projects. One of them is an adventure game "The Dreamers".

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News 2008-03-03

Prices update and list of clients

Licensing prices for Unigine have been updated, all of them are royalty-free now. Moreover, some of the Unigine-based projects are now listed on the "Clients & Titles" page .