UNIGINE 2.11: Free Community Edition, More Performance, Better Sync In Simulators

Apr. 10, 2020
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Free of charge UNIGINE 2 Community Edition

Here in UNIGINE we believe in the enormous potential of real-time 3D graphics, which is just beginning to unfold, in a wide variety of sectors of life and business. A strong community of programmers and artists working in the world of these technologies becomes an important part for the success of almost any scientific, cultural, social and business endeavor. Therefore, in addition to the great enhancements of our engine in release 2.11, we also launched a free Community Edition of the platform. Growth of the developer community will definitely have a positive effect on corporate users of UNIGINE 2 Engineering and UNIGINE 2 Sim.

UNIGINE 2 Community Edition is available to projects with revenue/financing of up to 100,000 USD per year, as well as to scientists and students (education use only) and non-profit organizations.

Community Edition offers plenty of the main platform features, while advanced options are available in the corporate SDK editions: UNIGINE 2 Engineering and UNIGINE 2 Sim.

Editions comparison: https://unigine.com/get-unigine

Performance Optimizations

UNIGINE is able to handle huge worlds with enormous numbers of objects. These virtual worlds tend to grow, so we add a lot of new features improving overall performance, such as:

  • Asynchronous Node Update to ensure even load distribution between all available threads
  • Periodic Update of objects (e.g. smoke, explosions, or crowd simulation) located far away from the camera
  • Bounds Calculation Changes to reduce tree sizes and improve performance
  • New Physics Intersection Mask for more flexibility in world intersections and physics intersections control
  • and many others

Improved Multi-Channel Rendering

Syncker, our multi-channel rendering system, has been completely revamped ensuring even more robust and reliable frame-to-frame synchronization with extended flexibility giving you much more freedom. You’re no longer bound to a single subnet and free to adjust display configurations at runtime via API and a lot more. The whole system has become even easier to configure and more convenient to use, as it now tries to automatically set as many parameters as possible, saving you the trouble of specifying ports and addresses, as well as removing the headache of ensuring delivery of messages.


Particle System Improvements

Along with extended use of multithreading in Particle Systems we've significantly improved shading for them. Normal mapping support providing additional volume and more details was added as well. All these improvements together make particles lighting more vivid and consistent with the scene, enabling you to create convincing volumetric effects.

More UI improvements, including a Curve Editor for visual adjustment of particle parameters as well as particle simulation improvements, are scheduled for 2.12.


Fox Hole - architectural demo

The Fox Hole archviz/BIM demo is now available for desktop, in addition to the previously introduced VR mode. As for the VR mode, we did some refactoring here to make source code easier to understand, and added tooltips giving you a hint on using various types of controllers.

We consider a standalone release of the demo a bit later.

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Check the full text of release notes on the developer portal.