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UNIGINE SDK 2014-06-04

Highlights of the release:

  • Added City Import plugin (it primarily serves for convenient and effective creation of large populated areas)
  • Added Randomizer plugin
  • Added support for VR gloves
  • Extended syntax of UnigineScript
  • Added Russian localization of UnigineEditor
  • Improved GUI localization system
  • Added more documentation on samples

Read more in the development log.


О компании UNIGINE написал журнал Forbes

Статья о компании вышла в Forbes, одном из самых авторитетных мировых изданий о бизнесе, финансах и экономике. 

Как 3D-движок Unigine стал одним из лидеров в своем сегменте и уже более 10 лет востребован компаниями по всему миру. 

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Algorithmic Wanderers: John Gerrard Studio presents a new real-time art installation utilizing UNIGINE Engine

Вена, Австрия - 25 марта 2014 - John Gerrard Studio, арт-группа ирландского художника Джона Джеррарда, реализовавшего более 70 сложных высокотехнологичных инсталляций и арт-проектов, опубликовал новый 3D проект, работающий в реальном времени, впервые взяв за основу движок Unigine.

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UNIGINE SDK 2014-03-25

Highlights of the release:

  • Added access to the renderer via C++ API
  • Improved Qt integration samples
  • Major extension of C++ API, including access to nodes, widgets, controls
  • Added a small airport demo, showcasing point lights (they are visible even from very large distance) and directional sector lights
  • Improved debugging for UnigineScript
  • Added a real-time strategy game sample based on the Game framework

We are discontinuing support for DirectX 9 in order to deliver improved technology, starting from the next SDK update. More details will be announced soon.

Read more in the development log.

UNIGINE SDK 2014-01-31

Highlights of the release:

  • SDK is splitted into two editions: Sim and Game
  • Added access to several objects via C++ API
  • Introduced NodeExtern and ObjectExtern, useful for defining new object types via C++ API (including custom rendering algorithms)
  • Added first-person shooter sample, based on Game Framework
  • Improved pathfinding
  • Completely rewritten GUI documentation
Read more in the development log.

UNIGINE Bell 206 is "The most impressive simulator" at I/ITSEC 2013

Орландо, США - 2-5 декабря 2013 - Orange Country Convention Center

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UNIGINE SDK 2013-11-27

Highlights of the release:
  • Implemented Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) protocol support.
  • Added support for conversion of WGS84, ECF and NED coordinate systems into Cartesian one.
  • Increased stability of rendering FPS rate.
  • Added support for flattened particles.
  • Added deterministic physics mode.
  • Improved background loading of meshes.
Read more in the development log.

Oil Rush is released for iOS

Get ready for hot naval and air battles - right on the go - with Oil Rush. This full-fledged strategy game in the beautiful post-apocalyptic scenery is available for iOS now in addition to the previous release for Android. Read more in the official press-release.

Ai3D UNIGINE-based Steamship Simulator Successfully Completes Beta Testing

The Steamship Simulator developed by Ai3D became a highlight of the Bass Strait Maritime Centre Devonport located in Tasmania, Australia. The simulator is powered by the powerful and versatile UNIGINE Engine and provides a virtual experience of captaining a ship of the beginning of the last century into the Mersey River. It successfully completed beta testing and was even captained personally by the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard.

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UNIGINE Rescue Helicopter Demo Breathes New Life for the Simulation Industry

UNIGINE Corp. sets a new visual standard in the simulation and training industry with a preview of its next-generation technology demo. The project has the cutting-edge UNIGINE Engine under the hood and showcases a simulation of a rescue helicopter operation with an extreme level of detail while running on consumer-level hardware.

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Pay What You Want for Oil Rush in the Humble Indie Bundle 8

As of today, Oil Rush, the epic naval strategy game, comes together with the Humble Indie Bundle 8. It is a unique, pay-what-you-want offer available for less than seven days, and this fascinating 3D game is unlocked as one of the bonuses if more than the average contribution for a bundle is paid. The game is an independent project by UNIGINE Corp. developed in-house and based on the proprietary UNIGINE Engine.

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Trinity Interactive Has Licensed UNIGINE Engine for Simulation and Training Systems

Trinity Interactive, one of the leading Polish suppliers of software and equipment for simulation and training, has licensed the cutting-edge cross-platform UNIGINE Engine. The company is well-known due to the highest quality and innovative character of its products both for military and civil purposes which provides the maximum possible training experience. For pushing their newest simulation projects to the next level of visual fidelity and performance, Trinity Interactive has chosen the UNIGINE platform.

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