Revolutionizing Transportation Training: SOGECLAIR SIMULATION's Journey with UNIGINE

At the forefront of immersive simulation training, SOGECLAIR SIMULATION's Rail Business line harnesses next-generation game engines like UNIGINE to provide unparalleled realism and immersion for trainees in the transportation industry.

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UNIGINE 2.18 SDK Release

  • Numerous performance optimizations

  • VR in-the-core: no plugins, unified API, wider range of VR devices

  • Asynchronous shader compilation

  • Multiple visual improvements

  • New event system instead of callbacks

  • (Experimental) animation system improvements

  • New Drone demo project

Let's take a look at what's new.

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UNIGINE-Powered Artwork By John Gerrard On The Largest Screen At The Inaugural U2 Concert

In a groundbreaking debut at the MSG Sphere Las Vegas, U2's first live performance in four years featured mesmerizing visuals by acclaimed artist John Gerrard on the world's largest spherical screen, powered by UNIGINE Engine.

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Free Learning Course on UNIGINE

The introductory course is intended for developers having basic C# programming skills and some understanding of 3D apps. Topics covered:

  • Animations and physics
  • Lighting
  • Materials creation
  • Adding sounds and music
  • GUI creation
  • Optimization basics
  • Video recording

Upon successfully completing the course, you'll not only gain practical experience but also enrich your portfolio with four exciting projects (Archviz, FPS, Racing, VR app).

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UNIGINE 2.17 SDK Release

2.17 SDK release brings you the following key changes:

  • DirectX 12 and Vulkan support (production)

  • New global illumination technique: PSDGI

  • Spatial temporal denoiser

  • IG updates (VR, weather radar, HUD via CIGI)

  • Streaming improvements

  • Improved spacers and deflectors for particles

  • Multiple performance optimizations on CPU side

  • Photon engine integration (network)

  • Multiple tools improvements in the editor

  • A set of new C++ samples

  • Add-On Store update

Let's take a look at what's new.
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11 Train Simulators Powered by UNIGINE Delivered by Smart Simulation in 2022

2022 was very fruitful for our clients as they use the full power of UNIGINE Engine to develop their business further and meet the market’s needs. Take Smart Simulation, whose hard work paid off and resulted in 11 new train simulators developed by the end of the year, featuring 8 new types of trains.

Using UNIGINE Engine as their 3D visualization platform of choice, they managed to expand their business to new markets and grow closer ties to existing ones.

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UNIGINE & CAD Exchanger Integration: Engineering 3D Models With Photo Realistic Appearance

The need to reinvent the wheel every time you’re importing CAD files into your UNIGINE project is now out of the way thanks to UNIGINE & CAD Exchanger integration! Now, 30+ CAD formats (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, STEP, JT, IFC and more) can be uploaded into the engine at runtime using an import plug-in or API.

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UNIGINE 2.16.1 - Screen-Space Haze Global Illumination, Better Import API, VR Improvements

Key Changes

  • Screen-Space Haze Global Illumination

  • Better dynamic reflections

  • Optimized shadows rendering

  • Improved asset import API

  • Multiple tools improvements in the editor

  • Sandworm tool stabilization

  • Optimized wake waves

  • A set of new C++ samples

  • Qt-based VR template

  • Varjo XR integration improvements

  • VR plugin for UnigineEditor

Let’s look into the 2.16.1 release a little bit more in depth, shall we?

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UNIGINE at Dubai Heli Show 2022: Expanding to the Middle East

UNIGINE presented 3D graphics for next-gen simulators by exhibiting at Dubai Heli Show 2022: a biennial Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition held since 2004. Event took place at Dubai Harbor right near the renowned Palm Jumeirah, attracting visitors from 30+ countries.

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UNIGINE 2.16 - Asset Store, Vulkan & DirectX 12, ROS Integration, New Window Manager

UNIGINE Engine 2.16 brings a lot of new impressive features:

  • DirectX 12 and Vulkan API support (experimental)

  • Double precision in Community edition

  • Completely revamped window manager

  • Integration of .NET 6 (C# 10)

  • Material graph editor: support for post effects and water decals, other improvements

  • Renderer improvements: screen-space reflections, bloom, motion blur, camera effects, etc.

  • Better streaming and other Landscape Terrain updates

  • Sandworm tool UX/UI upgrade

  • Editor API: Assets

  • New brush-based Texture Editor

  • ROS (Robot Operating System) integration

  • Varjo XR hand-tracking

  • IG improvements for helicopters

  • SDK Browser 2

  • Asset Store

  • Mars demo in Community edition

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Dual Universe Launched: Space MMO Powered by UNIGINE

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the first Sci-Fi MMO powered by UNIGINE Engine: Dual Universe! It took our partners Novaquark eight long and challenging years to develop this very unique and ambitious project.

Like many, Novaquark looked up in the skies and felt subliminal longing for the stars that are yet unreachable utilizing today’s technologies. But if you physically can’t travel to space, there's still a way to do it virtually. Hence, the idea of Dual Universe was born.

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UNIGINE 2.15.1: Decals Support and Other Material Graph Editor Improvements, Automatic LOD Generation and Configuration, 2.5D Buildings Add-On

We are perfecting our engine release by release, some of them are major, some - are more technical, like this one. Even so, it brings a pack of important features and improvements:

- Material graph editor: decals support, depth offset, and other improvements

- World Spline Graph export to FBX

- Asset replacement tool

- Automatic LOD generation

- Water System changes

- 2.5D Buildings Add-On

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