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News 2005-05-04

Unigine v0.3 is released

Unigine Team has officially released Unigine v0.3, an engine for games and virtual reality systems. It is a next version of Engine v0.2 from, after a year of hard work. Unigine v0.3 sources are more than 3 times bigger than v0.2, old code is almost fully rewritten and extremely optimized.
Read official press-release.
News 2005-05-02

Unigine tutorial

Unigine Tutorial is published. It describes how to create your own Unigine-based application.
News 2005-05-02

Unigine v0.3 release candidate 2

Unigine v0.3 release candidate 2 demo is available for download. Some minor bugs were fixed, Mesh import plugin for Maya/3DStudio was added.
News 2005-04-24

Unigine v0.3 release candidate

Unigine v0.3 beta 24 has a release candidate status. Support of soft stencil shadows was added. Unigine now works much better at the ATI cards with new driver. We are on the way to v0.3 release in a few days.
News 2005-04-07

API documentation

Unigine API documentation is published. It's available in PDF and HTML formats, and could be viewed online.
News 2005-03-24

Domain name

Domain name '' has been registered. It will take a while before our website would be worldwide accessible.