UNIGINE at Dubai Heli Show 2022: Expanding to the Middle East

Okt. 31, 2022
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UNIGINE presented 3D graphics for next-gen simulators at Dubai Heli Show 2022: a biennial Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition held since 2004. Event took place at Dubai Harbor right near the renowned Palm Jumeirah, attracting visitors from 30+ countries.

Being one of the top emerging markets, the UAE is growing rapidly in every aspect and in need of next-generation technologies. Dubai Heli Show featured mostly helicopter-related industries, but also had drawn exhibitors from others, like UAV and Aerospace.

Having excellent expertise in these industries, UNIGINE brought this knowledge to the table.

A well-branded booth had been drawing a lot of attention with the video reel demonstrating key features of UNIGINE 2 Sim SDK.

Needless to say, such a bright representation attracted professionals from a lot of different fields, and the most frequently asked question was “Is this real?” Photorealistic quality of the content UNIGINE Engine offers always has this effect even on those who use simulators as a training tool. What you get rendered by UNIGINE 2 Sim is very close to what you see in reality, creating a life-like experience for trainees. Visual fidelity is crucial to helicopter pilots, and thanks to the newly added helicopter effects like brownout, whiteout, rotorwash it is possible to create any scenario, including critical situations that are too difficult or dangerous to operate in real life. Safety is a key when human lives are at stake.

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Moreover, engine tools allow our partners in the autonomous UAV industry to build synthetic polygons to train AI, which is way more efficient in terms of resources and money spent.

“It’s very important to convey to eVTOL and drone manufacturers that AI training in a high-fidelity virtual environment is very efficient, and it works already thanks to physically based rendering, double-precision coordinates, and geo-referenced mapping in UNIGINE Engine. With the latest release 2.16, ROS (Robot Operating System) protocol was added as a feature, which simplifies the processes of building, training, and testing these systems by a lot.”

Anna Volkova, Business Development Manager, UNIGINE
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These three days of Oct 24-26th were intense and productive: a lot of promising connections were made, hundreds of brochures handed out, dozens of hands shaken, and countless pictures taken. The most important part is: we saw an active interest in our technology.

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The UNIGINE team returned from Dubai with new ideas and a sturdy plan to grow more ties to new markets.