New Video Tutorial: Water

Juni 19, 2019

Lifelike-looking and physically correct water simulation with complex behaviour is crucial for many projects. That’s why UNIGINE provides geometry waves with a correct Beaufort scale 0-12, ship wake waves, caustics effect, shoreline simulation, and underwater mode out-of-the-box.

Moreover, we are going to introduce the real-scale round planet Earth solution soon with bathymetric data added, therefore, physics simulation in UNIGINE is as close to reality as possible. Thanks to this, regular ship missions, emergency situations, joint trainings, autonomous ship training, and navigation in poor visibility conditions — any kind of scenario can be simulated with various types of vessels.


For your convenience, we released a new detailed tutorial covering the basics of creating lifelike water in UNIGINE. Learn all the available features, options, and effects, visualize a realistic virtual environment, and raise your simulator to a new level of immersion!

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