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Precise Large-Scale Scenarios
Precise Large-Scale Scenarios

UNIGINE can seamlessly handle huge virtual worlds (thousands of kilometers in size, up to the Solar system scale) with first-person precision. Built-in 3D geoid model (WGS84, etc) and support of geo-coordinates enables planet-scale virtual environments.

This is crucial for flight simulation, transportation, urban planning in metropolis, distributed industrial enterprises, defense systems.

Real-Time Photoreal
Real-Time Photoreal

UNIGINE provides cutting-edge physically-based rendering, which enables correct representation of artificial objects and natural phenomena. Realistic atmosphere (multi-layer 3D clouds, 400 km visibility), lifelike water (Beaufort 0-12), detailed landscape (up to 1 mm terrain resolution), dynamic weather, simulation of optical effects.

Visual fidelity is critical for virtual training of both humans and computer vision of drones.

Made for Heavy Lifting
Made for Heavy Lifting

You can save time on data simplification step and directly load complex CAD data and 3D scans into the real-time environment. Raw performance of UNIGINE enables handling of very detailed 3D scenes: tens of thousands dynamic objects, hundreds of millions polygons.

Digital twins of complex enterprises, ever-changing environments in emergency response and defense, advanced engineering systems - all of them are performance-critical.

Universal Tool
Universal Tool

Unlike COTS, UNIGINE is a universal SDK which can be seen as a set of building blocks for various types of C++/C# applications.

You can build image generators with custom editors, embed high quality 3D viewports into your CAD application, visualize combined arms operations, create VR experiences - all of this based on the same technology. Thus saving budget by re-using content, code and expertise.

Tailored for Industrial Use
  • Multi-channel rendering
  • Support for curved screens (image warping and edge blending)
  • Support for industry protocols: CIGI, VRPN, etc.
  • Various sensors visualization (NVG, FLIR, thermal, etc.)
  • Support for Windows and Linux

Part of Your Team
Part of Your Team

We evolve UNIGINE to bring the cutting edge VR technologies for companies like yours. There are almost no 3rd-party dependencies, so UNIGINE has full control over quality and consistency of the technology. Stable SDK releases are rolled out every 2-3 months, featuring major improvements inspired by customers.

Our engineers provide on-site training and detailed daily consultations. There is also professional services team to deliver turnkey projects.

SDK Editions

UNIGINE 2 Entertainment
Games, Interior Visualization, Films, VR Apps
  • Core features
UNIGINE 2 Engineering
BIM, Urban Planning, CAD, Engineering, Smart Objects, GIS
  • Core features
  • 64-bit  precision of coordinates
  • Geoid model (WGS84, etc.)
  • Video export (including 360)
  • Runtime data import
  • Video walls
Professional Simulators, Enterprise VR Systems, Computer Vision
  • Core features
  • 64-bit  precision of coordinates
  • Geoid model (WGS84, etc.)
  • Video export (including 360)
  • Runtime data import
  • Video walls
  • Multi-channel rendering
  • CAVE
  • Curved screens support
  • Enhanced vision sensors

More than 200 companies worldwide use UNIGINE technologies:

一直以来我公司都在使用UNIGINE,我们对它的经常性特性更新以及对系统和视觉效果的改善印象深刻。 UNIGINE驾驭超大型仿真环境的能力使其成为了一流的实时仿真解决方案。

Ralf Preininger

Co-owner, EngineRaum GmbH (Germany)

一直以来我公司都在使用UNIGINE,我们对它的经常性特性更新以及对系统和视觉效果的改善印象深刻。 UNIGINE驾驭超大型仿真环境的能力使其成为了一流的实时仿真解决方案。


Steve Brodie

Ai3D公司CEO (澳大利亚)

我们使用UNIGINE引擎的经历足以证明它的工作环境是方便快捷的,技术支持是快速且优质的。 不过最重要的是,UNIGINE引擎凭借出色的性能以及可以依靠硬件资源的可扩展性使我们能实时获得逼真的图像质量。 UNIGINE引擎提供的最先进实时渲染技术能将我们自己的软件合成的视觉效果提升到最好水平。

Gregory Krasnozhenov

莫斯科物理技术学院“视觉化”项目主管 (俄罗斯

UNIGINE 2 offers the best cutting-edge visuals with incredible simulation features that exceeds all other simulation competitor products while being more affordable.  Couple that with a team that is truly innovative and world-renowned for its technology and you get a product that will last the test of time.  Here at UNISOL Technologies, all of our projects are focused on utilizing UNIGINE 2 as a core because we not only believe in pushing boundaries in various professional industries, but also believe in UNIGINE’s heritage, vision, and passion on delivering the best visual technologies the world has ever seen.


Eric Liu

CEO of UNISOL Technologies (China)

令人惊讶的技术,令人惊讶的一群人。 很高兴与他们一起工作。


Murray Gamble

CogSim Technologies公司工程总监 (加拿大)

Visualization must be of the highest quality. We spent a lot of time choosing the 3D engine for this work [ISS spacewalk missions simulator], and in the end we found out UNIGINE to be the most powerful graphical engine, so we decided to use this technology.

Dmitriy Akhmerov

Lead EVA Engineer at Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" (Russia)


Tomasz Krosnowski

Trinity Interactive公司VP (波兰)



Patrick Gomez

ACTIPLAY SA公司研发总监 (法国)

UNIGINE团队在我们的项目实施过程中帮助很大。 他们不仅为自己的软件创建了有用的文档,同时还提供电子邮件咨询。 而且软件的改进是持续不断的。 我们急切盼望下一个版本的问世,因为每一个版本带来的特性不仅能使我们的工作更轻松,还能用意想不到的方式来丰富它。

Edgardo Munoz-Najar

Qilqax International开发经理 (秘鲁)

我们之所以选择UNIGINE引擎就是因为它能创建迷人的,依您所想的任何世界的画面。 我可以肯定的讲,使用这项技术您不会受视觉风格约束,因此您的项目能拥有独特的外观。 在对其它引擎做了彻底的检验后,我们对UNIGINE的品质表示高度赞赏。 Cradle这款游戏里的大气环境就归功于UNIGINE引擎的灵活性。

Ilya Tolmachev

Flying Cafe For Semianimals创始人兼创意总监 (乌克兰)

当我们发现UNIGINE时我们还在开发自己的内部引擎,是它完整的材质编辑器和直观的工作流吸引了我们。 鉴于要设计真实感方法以及建筑可视化的需要,我们决定使用UNIGINE技术。 ,得益于UNIGINE提供的丰富功能,这一中间件的强大功效让PlaySys体现出了它的创造力。


Luca Deriu

PlaySys公司创意总监 (意大利)



Bennet Holmes

ACTISKU公司业务拓展经理 (法国)

The performance of Unigine 2 Engine (Sim edition) as well as the graphical fidelity is very impressive. It marks a significant improvement over the previously used software. I especially like how one can control custom rendering calls . It's very flexible and quite easy to use. Rendering large landscapes is a key feature for us.

We licensed UNIGINE Sim for the continued development of our “DLR Visualization Library” for Modelica. This ensures that our software will continue to provide the highest graphics quality for high-class, realistic Visualizations, while preserving its easy integration into simulations.

Tobias Bellmann

Head of the DLR Systems and Control Innovation Lab (SCIL)

Most large customers are not listed due to non-disclosure terms.

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