9月 02, 2015

UNIGINE 2 has been demonstrated during SIGGRAPH 2015 expo days in Los Angeles (August 11-13). The 42nd international conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques was visited this year by 14,800 attendees total from around the world.

Fast Forward Presentation

UNIGINE 2 has been presented from the stage by Eric Liu (Managing Director of UNIGINE) during Exhibits Fast Forward event before the expo days. It was one of the most impressive presentations warmly welcomed by the audience.

Space Demo

The main demo at the UNIGINE booth was Space project showcasing support for extremely large scenes and new graphical features (including PBR, SSRR, TAA and a lot more).

The demo included extremely detailed model of the International Space Station, the Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Thanks to advanced support of very large scenes in UNIGINE is was possible to visualize this massive demo in real-time.

Immersive Experience

A lot of visitors were surprised with the quality and performance of UNIGINE projects, especially with Oculus version of the Space / ISS demo, which gathered lines of visitors during all three days of the show. A lot of experts said that the smooth performance and stunning visuals made it one of the best VR projects so far.

Other demos in the booth were Valley Benchmark and Port Angeles Flight Simulator, both showcasing large detailed terrains.