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Cutting-edge UNIGINE Engine will be presented at ITEC 2013 in Rome

The International Forum for the Military Training, Education and Simulation Sectors (May 22-24, Rome) is one of the most important and major industrial events that combines thematic exhibition and forum. UNIGINE Corp. demonstrates new features of UNIGINE Engine for simulation, visualization projects and virtual reality systems at ITEC. Visit our stand #B160 to see all-new unannounced UNIGINE-powered technology demo based on geospatial data. We also invite you to attend the UNIGINE Engine presentation at the Innovative Showcase at 5 PM on May 22!

Oil Rush is available on Steam for Linux as from now

The game supports Linux (as a standalone application) from the very beginning, so we are really happy that finally Linux users can enjoy hot naval battles with the whole Steam community (cross-platforms multiplayer matches are available). Fight for the last drop of oil and try to survive!

All-New UNIGINE Valley Benchmark Is Bundled with EVGA GeForce GTX Graphics Cards

UNIGINE’s Valley Benchmark, which features an enormously vast outdoor 3D environment filled with lush forests, is coming bundled this spring with groundbreaking EVGA GeForce GTX graphics cards. This all-new comprehensive benchmarking tool from the lineup of trusted benchmarks from UNIGINE Corp., is already acclaimed by users and industry professionals as a miraculously beautiful yet efficient GPU stress-testing tool for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Valley accurately measures GPU performance and tests its reliability under graphics-intensive and technologically advanced scenarios. Its workload will showcase robust and extremely reliable EVGA GeForce graphics cards at their best.

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A spectacular new mobile experience with Oil Rush 3D strategy game on your Android device

Oil Rush, an epic naval strategy game, is released for Android devices based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip. The game is already available on the Google Play Store and you can jump into the next-generation of 3D graphics, hardcore depth and touch-native controls directly on a mobile device. Oil Rush for Android is based on the proprietary multi-platform UNIGINE Engine, developed by UNIGINE Corp., alongside the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions of the game that has been delivering excitement to gamers since January 2012.

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UNIGINE’s Heaven Benchmark Bundled with New, Ultra High-end ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN and Beyond

Heaven Benchmark, an immense hit among overclockers and industry professionals, comes pre-bundled with brand-new ZOTAC GeForce GTX graphics cards starting with the formidable GTX TITAN that features the world’s fastest graphics processor and takes PC gaming to the next level of visuals. The only benchmark included into the ZOTAC Boost Premium software bundle, Heaven is a testing tool of choice for ZOTAC, a leading manufacturer of graphic cards, miniboards and mini-PCs. Heaven is developed by UNIGINE Corp. and is highly acclaimed as the world’s first 3D real-time engine with comprehensive support for both Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0.

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UNIGINE's Crypt demo is ported into a browser

You can get a glimpse of UNIGINE's Crypt demo running in a browser just by following a link. In less than one month, Anthony Liot, at ACTISKU, a company that develops world-class 3D marketing solutions using the UNIGINE Engine, single-handedly adopted real-time UNIGINE demo - with all visual effects - to JavaScript/WebGL, proving that such port can be done by an experienced developer with the full source UNIGINE SDK (that comes without WebGL support) on hand. Watch Crypt online (a browser with WebGL support is required).

UNIGINE's Newest Valley Benchmark Features Huge, Open-Space Expanses

Valley Benchmark is a new GPU stress-testing tool from the developers of the very popular and highly acclaimed Heaven Benchmark. The forest-covered valley surrounded by vast mountains amazes with its scale from a bird's-eye view and is extremely detailed down to every leaf and flower petal. This non-synthetic benchmark powered by the state-of-the art UNIGINE Engine showcases a comprehensive set of cutting-edge graphics technologies with a dynamic environment and fully interactive modes available to the end user.

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UNIGINE’s Heaven Benchmark Releases Version 4.0 and Extended Editions

UNIGINE Corp. has released a new, enhanced version 4.0 of Heaven Benchmark, the GPU intensive benchmark that gained massive popularity among overclockers and hardware manufacturers for hammering their graphics cards to the limits. This powerful tool can be effectively used to determine the stability of a GPU under extremely stressful conditions, as well as check the cooling system's potential under maximum heat output. It provides completely unbiased results and generates true in-game rendering workloads across all platforms, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Oil Rush 3D mobile strategy game is announced for Android

UNIGINE Corp. announced that Oil Rush, an epic naval strategy game, is coming in February to Android devices based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip. The game - as well as a free demo - will hit the Google Play store and bring next-generation 3D graphics, hardcore depth and touch-native controls for mobile users. It is based on the proprietary multi-platform UNIGINE Engine and developed by UNIGINE Corp.

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JSC "ALMAZ-ANTEY" MSDB", One of The World's Leading Defense Companies, Is Now Using UNIGINE Engine Technology

Joint stock company "ALMAZ-ANTEY" Air Defense Concern Main System Design Bureau named by Academician A.A. Raspletin", one of the world's largest corporations of defense industry complex, specializing in development of anti-air, anti-missile and space defense systems, has chosen UNIGINE Engine for the development of the visualization component of the analytical software complex. JSC “ALMAZ-ANTEY” MSDB” is the leading developer of anti-missile and anti-air missile defense weapon systems and complexes, specifically the SA-10 Grumble, SA 12 Giant/Gladiator, SA 20 Gargoyle, SA-21 Glower, etc. Aside from the prospective weapon systems, JSC “ALMAZ-ANTEY” MSDB” produces automated control systems and specialized software.

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Tryst RTS is released

BlueGiant Interactive has released "Tryst", a Sci-Fi real-time strategy, powered by UNIGINE Engine. The game is now available for Windows on Steam. See more on the official website.

SIGGRAPH talk on UNIGINE rendering techniques

We are willing to share unique and successful experience we gained over the years of UNIGINE engine development. We've accumulated it in a SIGGRAPH talk about a flexible combined (forward and deferred) renderer available on a broad range of platforms, from mobile devices to high-end PCs: "UNIGINE Engine Render: Flexible Cross-API Technologies" (Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall B).