Real-time 3D visualization SDK (C++/C#) for simulation & training
Earth Scale And Beyond
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • 64-bit precision per coordinate (scenes as large as the Solar system)
  • Support of 3D ellipsoid model (WGS84, custom models)
  • Support of both geo-coordinates and Cartesian system
  • Ephemeris system for celestial bodies positions
  • Support of ENU / NED and ECF coordinates
  • Performance-optimized object cluster system
Extremely Detailed Terrain
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • Extreme details up to 1 mm per pixel
  • Adaptive hardware tessellation with displacement mapping
  • Layers system with flexible blending rules
  • Multiple high-resolution insets
  • Dynamic modification at the runtime - craters, funnels, trenches
  • Binoculars/scopes support (x20)
  • Up to 1024 detail materials
  • Asynchronous multi-core data streaming
  • Simultaneous editing by a team of 3D artists
  • Optimized rendering and physics performance
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
Realistic Atmosphere
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • 3D volumetric clouds
  • Multiple cloud layers
  • Different types of clouds
  • Cloud shadows
  • Realistic atmosphere rendering with light scattering
  • Sun shafts and volumetric lighting
  • Regional weather
  • Weather effects, including wind affecting objects, rain, fog, lightning, and snow
  • Dynamic LUT-based time-of-day model
  • Sun and Moon, star map
Lifelike Water
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • Geometric waves
  • Full spectrum of sea state (Beaufort scale 0-12)
  • Procedural foam and white caps
  • Shoreline simulation
  • Ship wake (bow, stern)
  • Seamless underwater transition
  • Subsurface light scattering
  • Local volume subtraction (removal of water from hulls)
  • Local fluid simulation physics
  • Decals projection on water surface
  • Access to the wave shape info on CPU side
  • Global and local water basins
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
Made For Simulation & Training
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Image courtesy of INNOSIMULATION
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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  • From simple trainers to Level D FFS
  • API for Flight Model Dynamics (FDM) integration
  • Airfield lighting system (PAPI, TDZ, REIL, etc.)
  • API for motion platform control
  • Sensors visualization (thermal, FLIR, enhanced NVG)
  • Optimized for AI learning (computer vision)
  • CPU/GPU sync for scene data to integrate with dynamics models
  • Professional data input:
    • Motion capture (optical, inertial)
    • Full-body haptic / biometric input (TESLASUIT Integration)
    • VRPN protocol for 6DOF devices
  • Enhanced support for Degraded Visual Environments (DVE)
  • HMI / HUD display widgets
Lightning Fast
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • Optimized for consumer-grade COTS hardware
  • Support of supersonic flight speed
  • Adaptive support of multi-core systems
  • VR optimizations for 90+ Hz apps
  • Fast intersection testing for LOS/HAT requests
  • Close cooperation with engineering teams of major CPU/GPU vendors
Easy To Integrate
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  • Industry-standard protocols (CIGI, HLA, DIS)
  • Support for Windows and Linux
  • Compatible with both DirectX and OpenGL
  • Variety of APIs to choose from: C++, C#, UnigineScript
  • Shaders customization: HLSL, GLSL, UUSL languages
  • Embeddable into multi-window apps (Qt, WPF, WinForms, SDL, custom solutions)
  • Minimal 3rd-party library dependencies
  • Local and cloud deployment
  • Full stack of modules: 3D renderer, scene manager, physics simulation, GUI widgets, audio system, AI components, content tools
Display Everywhere
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Image courtesy of NAVANTIA and Arisnova
  • Multi-channel rendering over network
  • Curved (cylinder / dome / custom) screens (image warping and edge blending)
  • 180 / 360 degrees panorama (linear, curved & fisheye)
  • Stereo rendering modes
  • CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment)
  • Video walls
  • VR headsets (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive / Pro, Varjo VR-1, OpenVR, WMR)
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Image courtesy of GDI
Game Engine
Simulation Engine
Realistic Graphics
Multi-Channel Image Generation
Broad Spectrum of Hardware
64-bit Precision of Coordinates
Visual Scene Editor
Support for Geo-coordinates
Support for CIGI/HLA/DIS Protocols
Embeddable into C++/C# Apps

UNIGINE 2 Sim: combining visual quality from entertainment industry with professional simulation and training features.

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