SDK Editions And Pricing

Community Free
Community Pro
Community Free
No royalty

Core UNIGINE Engine
UnigineEditor (with dark UI)
VR support
Forum account

Eligible for any of:

  • Commercial projects with revenue or funding less than $100K in the last 12 months
  • Non-commercial projects
  • Academic use (education only)

Not eligible for some industries:

  • Defense
  • Gambling
  • Energy
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
Community Pro
No royalty

Everything in Community

Pro badge on the forum

Access to beta versions

No restrictions on the funding

Required if revenue or funding is greater than $100K in the last 12 months (excluding academic use)

Not eligible for some industries:

  • Defense
  • Gambling
  • Energy
  • Mining, Oil & Gas

Everything in Community Pro

Support for large scenes

Embedding into proprietary apps

Custom splash screen

Extended set of data formats

Priority technical support

...and much more (see details below)

  • All industries, except for defense
  • Unlimited by project type
  • Unlimited by funding
Enterprise projects: Simulators, AI Learning, GIS, BIM, CAD, PLM, Smart City, Digital Twin, Virtual Studio...

Everything in Engineering

Extended set of data formats

Advanced video output

Advanced motion capture

Distributed simulation over network

Procurement-friendly custom paperwork

...and much more (see details below)

  • Unlimited by industry
  • Unlimited by project type
  • Unlimited by funding
Detailed Features Comparison
  Community Free Community Pro Engineering Sim
Core Features
Engine Framework
Atmosphere with Volumetric 3D Clouds
Geometry Water
Landscape Terrain
Physics Simulation
Library of Built-In Objects
Audio System
In-App GUI
AI Framework
Visual Scene Editor
OpenGL on Windows
Custom Splash Screen
Programming Languages
HLSL / GLSL / UUSL Shaders
Virtual World Management
Scene Graph
Fast Intersection Tests (Raycasting)
Asynchronous Data Streaming
Object Cluster System
Double Precision of Coordinates (64 Bit per Axis)
Geographic Coordinate System (Latitude, Longitude, Elevation)
Customizable Geodetic Datum (WGS84, etc.)
Landscape Tool (Procedural Generation from GIS Data)
Video Output
Regular Flat Screen
VR Headsets (HMDs)
Multi-Channel Rendering, Network Sync
Curved Screen Projection (Image Warping & Edge Blending)
Video Wall
3-Monitor Surround Mode
Separate Image Stereo
OpenGL Quad Buffer
Embedding into Proprietary Apps
Qt Integration
WPF Integration
Windows Forms Integration
Data Formats
Generic Intermediate (FBX, COLLADA, glTF, etc.)
Runtime Data Import & Export
GIS (GeoTIFF, OSM, DGN, Shapefile, DTED, GeoJSON... - more than 150 raster and vector formats)
Network Protocols For Distributed Simulation
Motion Capture
Leap Motion
Special Features
High-Level Image Generator System
Enhanced Vision Sensors
High-Level Vehicle System
SSL Support
MySQL Integration
CUDA Texture Transfer
GPU Monitor
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Technical Support Level Community Community Professional Professional
Pro Badge (Forum)
Project Optimization Assistance
8 hours included 16 hours included
Early Beta Access
On-Site Training
Additional Price Additional Price
Licensing Terms
No restrictions on funding/revenue
Procurement-friendly custom paperwork
Can be used in energy & natural resources sector
Can be used in defense projects
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