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Sci-Fi RTS "Tryst" is announced

BlueGiant Interactive has officially unveiled their new science-fiction real-time strategy game, Tryst. The game had been in development for over a year, and will run on the UNIGINE engine. There is an official website with in-game screenshots and a teaser available.

Oil Rush DLC: Tower Defense Map Pack

Tomsk, Russia - May 31, 2012 - UNIGINE Corp. released the first DLC for the unique real-time naval strategy game "Oil Rush", that features a completely new tower defense game experience, including a tower defense co-op mode. Exploit new strategies with completely new technology tree, assault and defense units. The Oil Rush is never over!

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We are hiring!

We are expanding the development studio in Tomsk (Russia) and are looking for qualified professionals to join us. There is a lot of open positions, see the full list.

Heaven DX11 Benchmark is Back with Version 3.0

Tomsk, Russia - March 7, 2012 - UNIGINE Corp. released today an improved version (3.0) of its renown Heaven DX11 Benchmark based on its proprietary UNIGINE™ engine. Great looking as ever and containing many technical improvements, it now runs on Mac and supports for variety of new hardware, including extended support for multi-monitor configurations.

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Oil Rush is available in retail

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 24 February 2012 – Today, Videogame published Iceberg Interactive and game developer UNIGINE Corp., announce that their stunning looking and refreshing strategy game "Oil Rush" for PC, Mac and Linux is now available in retail stores in the UK, Ireland and Benelux. The full German localization for the game is currently being completed, with the game slated for release there on March 23rd 2012.

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Oil Rush is released!

UNIGINE Corp. is proud to announce the official release of its naval strategy game, Oil Rush. Fight the naval war between furious armies across the boundless waters of the post-apocalyptic world. Pump the ever-so-precious black gold by oil rigs, capture platforms and destroy the enemy in the sea and in the air! Read more on the official website.

Strange Games Unleashes the Awesomely Destructive Puzzle-Shooter "Demolicious" on the iOS App Store.

Worldwide - January 19, 2012Strange Games announced today that it’s highly anticipated mobile game Demolicious has been officially launched, and is now available on the iOS App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Demolicious is the must-have action-puzzle-shooter which showcases cutting edge physics and destruction on mobile devices. Powered by the advanced UNIGINE Engine, Demolicious packs a powerful technological punch and provides a uniquely mind-bending action-puzzle gameplay experience.

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Flying Cafe announces Cradle project

Kiev, Ukraine - December 23, 2011 - an independent computer games development studio Flying Cafe For Semianimals announces its debut project Cradle for PC.

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Ai3D Pty Ltd Success Story with UNIGINE

Steve Brodie, CEO of Ai3D Pty Ltd, shares about how and why UNIGINE Engine has enabled Ai3D Pty Ltd to become one of the world’s most capable Realtime Visualisation companies and complete over 60 successful projects. Read the detailed success story.

Strange Games Unveils “Demolicious” an Original Action Puzzle-Shooter Game

Worldwide - November 3, 2011Strange Games announced today that it is developing Demolicious; the ultimate action-puzzle-shooter showcasing cutting edge physics and destruction on mobile devices. Powered by the UNIGINE Engine, Demolicious packs a powerful punch technologically and is available in stunning HD.

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UNIGINE Corp. Expands Operations to Europe

Tomsk, Russia - October 27, 2011 - UNIGINE Corp., 3D engine, performance benchmarks and video games maker, headquartered in Russia, with its products sales exceeded expectations this year, opens up an office in Prague, Czech Republic. The new branch is operating sales for Europe and North America as well as investor relations, and is part of the company’s strategic expansion plan. Anton Ravin joins UNIGINE Corp. as the head of European branch after seven years at NVIDIA Corporation where he was responsible for developer relations and worked on numerous projects worldwide, including The Witcher 2, World of Tanks, ARMA 2, Metro 2033 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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BlueGiant Interactive licenses Unigine engine for future game titles

Hyderabad, India - August 30, 2011 - BlueGiant Interactive game studio has licensed Unigine engine as a technology platform for its upcoming game titles. The studio has already developed a prototype of its first Unigine-powered game to be released: an unnounced RTS.

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