Real-time 3D visualization SDK (C++/C#) for simulation & training
Professional Precision
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Real-Time 3D Rendering

UNIGINE 2 Engineering uses increased 64-bit precision per coordinate (instead of 32-bit precision used by game engines, i.e. 232 times the difference). This allows developers to work with extremely detailed 3D models without compromising correct sizes and shapes in a wide range of zoom factors: from planet-scale scenarios to the finest details in the macro-world.

Photorealistic Visuals
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • Physically-based rendering enabling realistic materials
  • Advanced dynamic lighting and shadows
  • Unique dynamic terrain technology with up to 1 mm / pixel data density
  • Cinematic quality of post-processing
  • Procedural effects: atmosphere, 3D clouds, water, particle systems
  • Everything available right out of the box, no 3rd-party add-ons required
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
C++/C# Embeddable
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  • Embeddable into multi-window apps (Qt, WPF, WinForms, SDL, custom solutions)
  • Variety of APIs to choose from: C++, C#, UnigineScript
  • Compatible with both DirectX and OpenGL
  • Shaders customization: HLSL, GLSL, UUSL languages
  • Minimal 3rd-party library dependencies
  • Support of Windows and Linux
Robust Performance
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
  • Optimized for extremely detailed 3D scenes, consisting of tremendous amount of separate parts
  • Adaptive support for of multi-core systems
  • Close cooperation with engineering teams of major CPU/GPU vendors
  • Optimized for consumer-grade COTS hardware
  • Special VR optimizations for 90+ FPS apps
Versatile By Design
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Real-Time 3D Rendering

One 3D engine, many applications:

  • Digital twin
  • BIM
  • Smart city
  • PLM
  • CAD data in VR
  • Virtual TV studio
  • GIS
  • Urban planning
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
Complete Framework
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Real-Time 3D Rendering
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Image courtesy of Arisnova
  • 3D renderer
  • Scene manager
  • Physics simulation
  • GUI widgets
  • Audio system
  • AI components
  • Visual scene editor

UNIGINE 2 Engineering: combining visual quality from the entertainment industry with large virtual worlds and enterprise features.

Alternatively, if you already know about UNIGINE’s capabilities, go ahead and