Universal real-time 3D Engine for creative enthusiasts
Photorealistic Graphics
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Image courtesy of Alexander Kolyasa & Mark Kassikhin
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  • Advanced physically-based shading techniques
  • Unique lighting technologies, including SSRTGI and voxel-based GI
  • Life-like procedural effects: atmosphere, volumetric clouds, geometric water
  • Cinematic quality of post-effects
  • All effects seamlessly work together right out of the box
  • Optimized for desktop and VR

    Detailed list of features
Open Worlds
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UNIGINE Engine is built with an open world in mind.

Unique terrain technology enables extreme details up to 1 mm per pixel together with runtime modification, collaborative editing and much more. Performance-optimized object cluster system coupled with large visibility distances helps to populate these open worlds with tons of finest details.

To access even more powerful features for huge virtual worlds (64-bit precision of coordinates, 3D ellipsoid planet model, geo-coordinates, GIS data formats, etc.), see enterprise-grade editions of UNIGINE SDK.

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Image courtesy of Flying Cafe For Semianimals
Amazing Performance And Scalability
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A speciality of UNIGINE is handling complex scenes perfectly (both in the editor and in runtime). Lots of objects, enormous polygon count, and advanced shaders would not be a problem, even in VR mode.

UNIGINE 2 also features lightning fast loading of complex 3D data, several times faster than other engines.

The engine scales greatly depending on the hardware, supporting systems up to 7-8 years old.

As a benchmarks developer, UNIGINE has been working in close cooperation with the engineering teams of leading hardware vendors, including AMD, Intel and NVIDIA on performance optimizations.

Highly-Productive Tools
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  • Visual tools made with team collaboration in mind, VCS-friendly
  • Support for standard data formats (FBX, COLLADA, glTF, etc.)
  • Industry-standard content workflow
  • Advanced asset management system for complex projects
  • Built-in performance optimization tools
  • Full set of development tools for Windows and Linux
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Image courtesy of Alexander Kolyasa & Mark Kassikhin
  • Both C++ and C# are 100% supported, so you can build apps your way
  • More than 10000 API functions to control each feature of the engine
  • Configurable graphical pipeline and deep access for the introduction of any custom effect
  • Full suite of features: 3D rendering, physics simulation, GUI, audio, AI components
Easy To Learn
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UNIGINE is easy to learn because it uses the industry-standard workflow, which you might already know of from other real-time 3D tools.

Our growing list of video tutorials will guide you through the main aspects of the technology, with even more detailed explanations available in the documentation. The rich set of samples (for both programmers and 3D artists) is available right out of the box.

There is also an amazing and friendly community of real-time 3D professionals, - who can share their knowledge online.

Based on the experience of our customers, when migrating from other engines, you can be productive with UNIGINE in as little as a week, enjoying new capabilities. Give it a try today - it is completely free!

See the detailed technical specification to understand the full capabilities of UNIGINE 2 Community.

For more features, see UNIGINE 2 Sim, the flagship edition of UNIGINE SDK designed for enterprise tasks. Compare SDK editions to get the most optimal choice for your needs.