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Unigine at RGDC (KRI) 2008

Our CEO, CTO and lead 3D artist are going to attend Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI), which will take place from 18th to 20th of April in Moscow, Russia. Please contact us to make an appointment if you are interested in Unigine.

PlaySys develops a Unigine-based 3D adventure game

PlaySys, an Italian media and entertainment studio, bought Unigine license for its realtime projects. One of them is an adventure game "The Dreamers".

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Prices update and list of clients

Licensing prices for Unigine have been updated, all of them are royalty-free now. Moreover, some of the Unigine-based projects are now listed on the "Clients & Titles" page .

Unigine-based game at GDC'08

SteamPunk Studios (a USA-based developer) will introduce an Unigine-based Action game at GDC'08 (February 18-22, San Francisco). The game is targeted to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, it will be released in 2009.

First Modern S-3D Game Engine Demonstrated At CES!

Unigine Corp., iZ3D, and Meant to be Seen Demonstrate the First Modern Game Engine That Natively Supports Stereoscopic 3D Technologies At the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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Interview to UralDev website

"UralDev" website has published an interview with our CEO about recent Unigine technologies (in Russian). Read the interview.

DirectX 10 support introduced

Now Unigine v0.4 supports DirectX 10 in addition to OpenGL and DirectX 9, therefore Unigine provides capabilities of all modern graphics technologies available at the moment. Read more in our development log.

Qilqax International acquires Unigine v0.4 license

Unigine Corp., the developer of a high-quality 3D graphics engine - Unigine, and Qilqax International, a Panama production company, have signed a license agreement for the engine. Recent Unigine technologies are to be used in a very innovative unannounced media project. For more details please contact hamuq@qilqax.com.

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Website's IP address change

Our website is moving to another server, there can be a short service disruption due to IP address change. Usually it takes no more than a day to refresh cached DNS records. We're sorry for possible inconveniences.

Unigine v0.4 status report

New terrain module is ready, maximal terrain size in cells is 65536 x 65536 (DirectX 9) or 262144 x 262144 (DirectX 10). There is also "TerrainEditor" visual tool and updated documentation available. Physics module is almost completed, you can find a lot of new screenshots in our gallery. DirectX 10 support is on the way.

New demo, powered by Unigine v0.4

You can download our new demo, "Sanctuary", which is based on forthcoming Unigine v0.4 (which is available for pre-ordering at discount prices). The demo shows a lot of modern visual effects: HDR, parallax occlusion mapping, translucence, glow, volumetric effects, DoF, motion blur, advanced particle systems and much more. It works either on OpenGL and DirectX.

2nd anniversary of Unigine v0.3

Two years ago the first commercial release of Unigine was introduced. Unigine v0.3 was about 70000 lines in size, but it provided a lot of functions even in the early stage of development. Unigine made huge progress during last 2 years, we have prepared new v0.4 screenshots and some more info in our devlog for the anniversary.