Devlog 2018-08-14


UNIGINE SDK 2.7.2 has been released! This release introduces some new important and long-awaited features and changes: CAD models import, improved file system and collaboration, impostor improvements, physically-based cameras and lights and decal-based terrain holes. Those and many other updates are available now.

CAD Models Import

We added a new CadImporter plugin that allows direct importing of heavy CAD models in native formats into UNIGINE.

The plugin is fully customizable and currently supports the following widely used CAD formats: IGS, STEP, STL, BREP. The list of supported formats will be extended in future releases.

You can import correctly all details of a CAD assembly model, even the smallest ones. All details of the assembly are available in the World Hierarchy, and each surface can be set up individually.

Importing of CAD models is available only in Engineering and Sim editions of UNIGINE SDK.

Improved File System and Collaboration

We took into account our customer’s demands and suggestions, so we made the File System more reliable and flexible to provide convenient project workflow.

UNIGINE File System now lets you use:

  • single content source for several projects (folder, network share, or repository);
  • several content folders for a single project (analogue of multiple data paths).

You can combine both to fit your needs, thus letting the members of your team work independently.

Also we added a new mount point feature  enabling you to extend the virtual file system of your project by adding any external folders and packages to the data directory.

Other file system improvements are listed in our development blog.

Impostor Improvements

We increased impostors baking performance up to several times due to improvements of the Impostors Creator tool. It has became even more customizable - now you can choose the way your textures are to be baked to fit your needs.

In case for vegetation: normal map will add more volume to the final look of your impostors, while translucence texture will imitate translucence of a real tree crown.

Physically-Based Cameras and Lights

We made another step to make our render even closer to the real world. Introducing physically-based cameras and lights. Now you can use real-world values (light intensity, color temperature, etc.) to create virtual worlds for Computer Vision systems, which require maximum realism of the environment to ensure high learning efficiency and accuracy.

UNIGINE now provides 2 modes for the camera and light sources: you can choose whether to specify lighting and camera exposure using real-world values, or using the classic settings.

Decal-Based Terrain Holes

TerrainGlobal object supports holes! You can create any landscape you need. Caves and tunnels or any customizing terrain surface can be easily made now.

Other Important Updates:

  • Improved particle systems
  • Refactored voxel and environment probes
  • Improved multi-channel rendering
  • Overall engine improvements and bugfixes

You can find the full list of improvements and more detailed overview of all UNIGINE 2.7.2 SDK features in our development blog.