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We are very pleased to cooperate with UNIGINE, our new partner for visualization. The new MovieNX emphasizes our goal: creating a digital model of the real test drive in a highly realistic and reproducible way. It is our response to the ever-growing validation efforts necessary in vehicle development, especially in the area of autonomous driving.

Ipg steffen schmidt
Steffen Schmidt, Managing Director at IPG Automotive
Ipg 01
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IPG Automotive

As a global leader in virtual test driving technology, IPG Automotive develops innovative simulation solutions for vehicle development. Designed for seamless use, the software and hardware products can be applied throughout the entire development process. IPG Automotive is an expert in the field of virtual development methods for the application areas of Autonomous Vehicles, ADAS, Powertrain, and Vehicle Dynamics. Together with its international clients and partners, the company is pioneering simulation technology that is increasing the efficiency of development processes.

UNIGINE customer since 2020.

Back when we were considering different engines, it was the high degree of utility and the adaptability of UNIGINE that solidified our choice. It opened new doors for NAUTIS and allowed us to create the product that we envisioned. As we have a long-term agreement, UNIGINE continues to provide VSTEP with the newest technologies, which our customers fully benefit from.

Paul Bouchaut, Development Manager at VSTEP
Vstep 01
Image courtesy of VSTEP


VSTEP is a leading developer of simulators and virtual training software. Their state-of-the-art simulators allow people to improve their skills in a practical and cost-effective way.

Core product lines are:

  • NAUTIS - Maritime simulators for the civilian & military maritime industry.
  • Response Simulator - Incident command simulators for first responders.

VSTEP is a Dutch-based and ISO9001:2015 certified company.

UNIGINE customer since 2013.

We started with another well-known engine, but it lacks double-float (64-bit) precision support. This is a deal-breaker for us because we need to simulate long-distance flights. Therefore, we chose UNIGINE 2 Sim for our developments. In addition to that, UNIGINE has other advantages:

  • UNIGINE aims to support the full round Earth—we can hardly wait when that happens.
  • UNIGINE has photo-realistic rendering by default. This feature singles out the engine from its competitors.
  • UNIGINE has a clean and simple architecture, which makes it easy to understand and adapt to our needs.
  • UNIGINE has a qualified support team—they respond quickly, and most reported issues are acknowledged and being processed.

Grigory Yakushev, Head of Simulation at Daedalean
Daedalean video capture
Image courtesy of Daedalean

Daedalean AG

Daedalean is a Zürich-based startup developing software for an advanced autopilot for eVTOLs that verifiably flies better than a human. The company was founded in 2016, but already has a pool of customers. The highly-qualified Daedalean team has proven and applied experience in robotics, computer vision, and deep learning.

UNIGINE customer since 2019.

We had the chance to work with different graphic and game engines, and Unigine is definitely the best middleware to achieve our objectives because of its features, its tools and its support.

Arisnova ivan cuevas
Iván Cuevas, Project Manager at Arisnova
Arisnova 03
Image courtesy of Arisnova
Arisnova 02
Image courtesy of Arisnova
Arisnova 01
Image courtesy of Arisnova

Arisnova S.L.

Arisnova is an engineering system company that has been developing supervision, control, and automation systems for more than 30 years in different sectors, including transportation, energy, healthcare, construction, and much more.

UNIGINE customer since 2009.

We always build the simulations for our needs, which can be very different from work to work. With Unigine, we found an Engine, which is flexible, light but sophisticated enough for these needs. Besides that, technical features for excellent visuals are our bread and butter for building exquisite experiences.

John Gerrard by Michael Duerr
John Gerrard, Artist
John Gerrard 01
Courtesy the artist, Thomas Dane Gallery, London and Simon Preston Gallery, New York

John Gerrard Studio

John Gerrard (b. North Tipperary. Ireland 1974) is widely regarded as a key figure in the development of simulation within contemporary art. Deceptively looking like film or video, his works are virtual worlds, made using real-time computer graphics, a technology developed by the military and now used extensively in the gaming industry.

Gerrard's work is in the collection of Tate, London; MoMA, New York; SFMOMA, San Francisco; LACMA, Los Angeles; Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington; Kistefos Collection, Norway; IMMA, Dublin; Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, M+, Hong Kong and many private collections internationally.

UNIGINE customer since 2014.

In 2016, we required a 3D visualization platform to create simulators with the most realistic data. The main task was to improve the controllers' professional skills in air traffic control in an environment as close to reality as possible. Coming across UNIGINE, we immediately realized that this was exactly what we needed.

After the project had started, we were also impressed by a high level of technical support. The team instantly responds and resolves all issues. And, of course, documentation — it is very detailed and clear enough to independently implement the project.

Alexey Butusov, The Head Of The Training Systems Department at "Azimut-Alliance"
Azimut 02
Image courtesy of Azumut-Alliance
Azimut 01
Image courtesy of Azumut-Alliance


“Azimut-Alliance” is a part of the "Azimut" company, St. Petersburg, carrying out the development of controller working positions and ATC automation systems software.

"Azimut" activities include development, batch production, and delivery of radio communication, navigation, landing, surveillance, and air traffic control automation systems on a turnkey basis to civil aviation enterprises, as well as design and delivery of integrated airport and air traffic control centre equipment and re-equipment projects.

"Azimut" delivered over 650 equipment units to airports in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kirghizia, Belarus, Mongolia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Estonia, and Armenia.

UNIGINE customer since 2016.

The freedom in low level modification and the clear focus of Unigine 2 towards large scale open world rendering was a perfect match for us. It also gives us a great platform to develop our own PBR (Physically Based Rendering) shading framework.

Jean-Christophe Baillie, Project Lead of Dual Universe
Novaquark 01
Image courtesy of Novaquark


Dual Universe is a single-shard sandbox MMO focusing on emergent gameplay, and developed by Novaquark for PC.

UNIGINE customer since 2016.

The list of enterprise customers is incomplete due to NDA terms with some companies.

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UNIGINE SDK: real-time 3D engine for enterprise and technology enthusiasts. Photorealistic graphics, large virtual worlds, with C++ and C# API.

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