Feb 27, 2020

Each employee of the air traffic control tower (ATC) controls up to several dozen aircraft per hour. But before taking such a huge responsibility, controllers spend tens of hours on simulators, practicing every possible situation and getting accustomed to new procedures.

We are delighted to be involved in the training of air traffic controllers thanks to our partners, the “Azimut-Alliance” company (a part of the “Azimut” company), a developer of controller working positions and software for ATC automation systems.

Изображение Азимут Альянс
Azimut 2

“In 2016, we required a 3D visualization platform to create simulators with the most realistic data. The main task was to improve the controllers' professional skills in air traffic control in an environment as close to reality as possible. Coming across UNIGINE, we immediately realized that this was exactly what we needed,” recalls Alexey Butusov, the head of the training systems department at “Azimut-Alliance”.

“A crucial factor for us is the number of frames per second. That’s why we were attracted by UNIGINE’s high performance, and a true-to-life picture was also a key point.

“After the project had started, we were also impressed by a high level of technical support. The team instantly respond and resolve all issues. And, of course, documentation — it is very detailed and clear enough to independently implement the project.”

Azimut 3
Azimut 4

Using UNIGINE, “Azimut-Alliance” created the most detailed simulation of Pulkovo, Platov, and Simferopol airports to be used in training.

Ahead is a long and fruitful partnership: 3D models of the Moscow airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo are already scheduled to be created.

“It is great to know that our platform is used by such renowned companies in the field of air traffic control, both domestic and foreign,” commented Denis Shergin, CEO of UNIGINE.

UNIGINE will present their latest developments at the upcoming World ATM Congress (the largest air traffic control event in the world), which is going to be held on March 10-12 in Madrid.


“Azimut-Alliance” is a part of the “Azimut” company, St. Petersburg, carrying out development of controller working positions and ATC automation systems software.

“Azimut” activities include development, batch production, and delivery of radio communication, navigation, landing, surveillance, and air traffic control automation systems on a turnkey basis to civil aviation enterprises, as well as design and delivery of integrated airport and air traffic control centre equipment and re-equipment projects.

“Azimut” delivered over 650 equipment units to airports in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kirghizia, Belarus, Mongolia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Estonia, and Armenia.


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