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2015-05-29   |   SIGGRAPH 2015
UNIGINE 2 will be exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2015, the 42nd international conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques in Los Angeles Convention center (August, 11-13). You are welcome to visit our booth #853 to see amazing new demos, talk to UNIGINE team members and get hands-on interactive experience with UNIGINE 2!
2015-02-25   |   UNIGINE 2.0 Beta
UNIGINE 2 has successfully reached the beta stage, introducing a lot of improvements: PBR (Physically-Based Rendering), C# API, revamped tools, performance optimizations and a much more. The 2.0 release is scheduled for Q3 2015. You can track progress in the development log.
Our customers from France have released Twinmotion, a UNIGINE-powered visualization software that allows you to instantly create a digital model of your 3D projects, to add life in real time. We are very proud to be a part of the visulazation revolution in architecture! Watch promotional videos: Twinmotion Real-time and Less clicks More Architecture.
2014-11-17   |   SIGGRAPH Asia 2014
UNIGINE 2 will be anounced at SIGGRAPH Asia in Shenzhen, China (December, 4-6). Please visit the booth of our partners, Wincomn Technology at the expo floor to experience new amazing demos and meet with UNIGINE team members. You can also contact us to appoint a meeting.
UNIGINE-powered Sumoman (a horizontal arcade puzzler with an advanced physics, destructible objects and ability to reverse time) has been chosen by game development industry leaders as one of the 8 finalists in Main Competition of the 6th Independent Games Festival China (Shanghai, October 19-21). Read more in the official press-release.
2014-09-19   |   Solar Reserve Power Plant Simulation
28 × 24 foot real-time simulation of Nevada solar thermal power plant is presented at Lincoln Center (New York). This astonishingly real virtual world is meticulously constructed by the team of Irish artist John Gerrard using UNIGINE Sim technology. Read more on the official website of Lincoln Center.
2014-06-24   |   New
New version of the UNIGINE developers portal has been launched, featuring improved account management for companies, better technical support services, and more improvements for customers.
John Gerrard Studio, an art-group of the Irish artist John Gerrard, publishes a new real-time 3D simulation, first-based on UNIGINE Engine. The project titled "Exercise (Dunhuang) 2014" is a large-scale cinematic art installation by John Gerrard that takes place in the heart of the Chinese desert. Read more in the official press-release.
As a result of unique developments in the 3D visualization field made by UNIGINE Corp., the rescue Bell 206 helicopter simulator powered by UNIGINE Engine was recognized as the best new generation simulator that uses modern photorealistic 3D graphics technologies. Read more in the official press-release.
2013-11-20   |   UNIGINE booth at I/ITSEC 2013
You are welcome to visit UNIGINE booth #307 at I/ITSEC 2013 (the world's largest modeling, simulation and training conference) in Orlando, USA (December, 2-5). There will be demonstrated a new rescue helicopter simulator featuring 6-channel image generation system, powered by UNIGINE Engine.
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