Learning & Support

UNIGINE Engine is easy to learn because it uses the industry-standard workflow, which you might already know from other real-time 3D tools.

Based on the experience of our customers, when migrating from other 3D engines, you can be productive with UNIGINE in as little as a week, enjoying new capabilities. Give it a try today - it is completely free!

Base Materials

  • Free Learning Course

    The introductory course is intended for developers having basic C# programming skills and some understanding of 3D apps.

    This course covers basic aspects plus many other advanced and very interesting topics including animations and physics, lighting, materials creation, adding sounds and music, GUI creation, optimization basics, video recording, and a lot more.

    Version for UNIGINE 2.18.1 SDK.

    Version for UNIGINE 2.17 SDK.

  • Documentation

    The most comprehensive documentation on Unigine SDK, covering all the details.

    For programmers: basic concepts, system architecture, complete API reference (all three languages: C++ / C# / UnigineScript), code snippets, plugins.

    For artists: workflow overview, tools, built-in objects, material library, tutorials, optimization tips.

  • Video Tutorials

    The growing list of video tutorials will guide you through the main aspects of the technology. Detailed step-by-step instructions will quickly get you up to speed.

    Very short (typically 1-3 minutes) “how to” videos with useful quick tips.

    Technical livestreams with experts are filled with insightful tips and will guide you through some complex topics. Useful for both beginners and advanced users.

  • Samples and Demos

    There is a rich set of samples and demos (for both C++/C# programmers and 3D artists) available right out of the box inside of the Unigine SDK. See “Samples” section in the SDK Browser.

  • Forum

    There is an amazing and friendly community of real-time 3D professionals, who share their knowledge online. Join and ask for help, or share your ideas with others.

  • Discord Server

    The fastest way to get in touch with UNIGINE enthusiasts and the development team. Discuss in real-time what’s important for you.

Premium Support

  • Private Technical Support

    Dedicated support staff works together with the core technology engineers to help you solve any question while using UNIGINE. Get professional help promptly! This secure channel should be used if you need to discuss anything covered by an NDA.

  • Official Personalized Training

    On-site training is the most efficient way to speed up initial integration in certain cases, help improve your project, and get a better understanding of the technology. We are ready to send our experienced trainers to your development site. This type of service, however, can be limited depending on the region.

Community Materials

  • Community-Generated Tutorials

    A growing number of video tutorials and live streams on different aspects of the Unigine engine and tools including the ones dedicated to step-by-step development of typical projects is available on the web in different languages. Some of them are listed below, but you can find a lot more out there!

  • Hackathons

    Take part in UNIGINE’s hackathons, building a project in a limited amount of time. Challenge yourself, build useful skills, find new friends, win nice prizes!

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