Devlog 2018-06-06


UNIGINE 2.7.1 has been released! Improved Voxel Global Illumination, better support for large-scale CAD/BIM models, water performance optimizations, experimental HLA protocol support, support for HTC Vive Pro and other updates are available now.


Improved Voxel Global Illumination

The Voxel GI system which doesn’t require UV mapping received very positive feedback from our users. And now it has become even more flexible and convenient to use.

You can bake lighting from different types of light sources into separate Voxel Probes and blend them in any combination.You can create a room with several lights inside and light coming from the outdoor environment or implement night-time illumination for a factory and turn the lights on and off arbitrarily almost at no performance cost, without a single standard light source.

Improved Support for Large-Scale Models

As UNIGINE supports huge worlds, large-scale CAD/BIM models are often imported (e.g. a country-wide road network or a city represented as a single mesh). To make work with complex models more comfortable we added a set of new useful options for geometry import.

Now you can split very large meshes by grid, re-pivot their fragments and skip empty nodes, thus achieving better precision and performance.

Water Performance Optimizations

Now you can tune water performance as you need with a set of new options. For example, you can simulate shoreline areas, viewed from a plane, by just enabling the foam effect while disabling geometry, caustics and improved interpolation as they are hardly noticeable with a significant increase of performance.

Experimental HLA Support

We introduce a new experimental HLA Client plugin, available in UNIGINE 2 Sim. High Level Architecture (HLA) is a general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. The plugin currently partially supports common HLA protocol functionality (version 1.3), and uses the CERTI, an open-source RTI.

HTC Vive Pro Support

We support all your VR solutions to elevate your business, so we ensured the compatibility of all your UNIGINE projects with new HTC Vive Pro.

Other Important Updates:

  • Forced shaders compilation
  • AppProjection Configuration Improvements
  • Improved editor UI
  • Experimental IG Application Template
  • Overall engine improvements and bugfixes

You can find the full list of improvements and more detailed overview of all UNIGINE 2.7.1 SDK features in our development blog.