News 2018-10-18

UNIGINE 2 Entertainment SDK Subscription From $83

We reveal a completely new way to access UNIGINE technologies. From now on UNIGINE 2 Entertainment SDK is available via subscription for only $83 per month (with the commitment for a year).

As a number of design studios, indie game developers, promising startups and simply gifted coders interested in UNIGINE grows up every day, we want to make our technology more affordable and suitable for their needs.

Unlike UNIGINE 2 Sim and Engineering SDKs, which are targeted towards heavy lifting in the enterprise area, UNIGINE 2 Entertainment SDK is aimed to game development, architecture visualization, and various VR experiences.

For $83 per month (with the commitment for a year) you will get:

  • UNIGINE 2 Entertainment SDK (1 developer seat, active for 1 year)
  • Royalty-free license to create unlimited number of applications (and run them on unlimited number of machines forever)
  • Personal profile at UNIGINE Developer Portal

Please note that professional support from UNIGINE team is not included. A monthly commitment is also available.

Here in UNIGINE, we cherish creativity and innovation so let us wish you best of luck in your beginnings. Please share with us information on your UNIGINE-powered projects via social media or email and we will be happy to tell the world about you.