News 2018-02-22

Indian Customers Are About To Launch Virtual Studio For TV

Last week, customers from Monarch Innovative Technologies visited UNIGINE. The purpose of the visit was to get expert assistance in the use of UNIGINE 2 SDK for virtual studio creation.

Virtual Studio is a system that enables real-time visualization of any 3D environment, be it a news studio or a kids educational show, using the Chroma Key technique (green screen for compositing several images or video streams together). AR mode provides transformation of the virtual environment when the presenter moves or the camera focus changes. Modern virtual studios have limitless potential, so they are widely used in television and film production.

Monarch Innovative Technologies is a leading provider of IT solutions to broadcasting and video industry in India and worldwide. The company has created a Virtuoso 3D virtual studio based on the UNIGINE engine. "We have already demonstrated our system to broadcasting companies at the exhibition in Dubai, a presentation in Delhi is expected soon," says Rohit Gonsalves, project manager at Monarch Innovative Technologies. — But it is already clear that the audience accepts our product very well."

During the meeting, UNIGINE developers helped Indian partners to find answers to all their questions regarding the use of the engine and received valuable feedback about SDK user experience. "We are very glad that UNIGINE's service is not limited to documentation and technical support. We have a feeling of close cooperation, and moreover, we see that we can participate in the platform improvement," Rohit Gonsalves added.

The commercial launch of Monarch Virtuoso 3D is planned for the second quarter of 2018.