Dual Universe Launched: Space MMO Powered by UNIGINE

Oct 03, 2022

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the first Sci-Fi MMO powered by UNIGINE Engine: Dual Universe! It took our partners Novaquark eight long and challenging years to develop this very unique and ambitious project. Originally funded on Kickstarter, developers raised $21M as interest in the game has grown over time. The amount of money and time put into the game seems rather big, but it’s reasonable if you look closely into the idea: it’s literally a new infinite virtual universe, driven by players, where the only limit is imagination.

Like many, Novaquark looked up in the skies and felt subliminal longing for the stars that are yet unreachable utilizing today’s technologies. But if you physically can’t travel to space, there's still a way to do it virtually. Hence, the idea of Dual Universe was born.

Plot of the game is set on an earth-like planet that new colonists arrive on after waking up from a 10000-year cryosleep. The game sets no limits from the start: the new world is a blank canvas, and its future depends on everyone who is willing to contribute.The evolution of the game is left for players to direct. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Using UNIGINE as an engine under the hood of the game, Novaquark utilized its best tools by creating not just a new world, but a whole new universe, making the game of unprecedented scale and taking the genre of MMO to a new level.

So, what’s so special about the engine that helped this bold project come to life?

“Features of the UNIGINE Engine gave us a lot of flexibility in the development of the game and made it easier to create a huge world”

Guillaume Gris, Technical Director at Novaquark

One of the core features of UNIGINE Engine that make it stand out is the ability to create limitless dynamic worlds full of extremely detailed and extended scenes. Plus, it’s highly optimized in regards to GPU resources it uses to render these scenes in real time, making it possible for players to explore the universe and build their projects using voxel technology.

It’s pretty early into the release of Dual Universe, but we are very impressed with its potential. No one knows what this new universe will turn out to be, but it sure is going to be exciting to explore.

For now, we’ll just dive into the game along with other players to build our universe one voxel at a time.

Join us in Space exploration and inhabitating mission on DU's Steam page or official website.