11 Train Simulators Powered by UNIGINE Delivered by Smart Simulation in 2022

Dec 20, 2022
Smart simulation news

In our previous material on Smart Simulation we looked deeply into their Subway Simulator, which is a complete copy of an ecosystem that pumps the blood flow of traffic through big city’s veins. They’ve done an amazing job of mapping everything from the station's interiors down to the color of buttons on train control boards. It’s not just a whim: correct visual representation of every element is critical to trainees in the process of gaining motor skills as they take responsibility for passengers' lives every time they pull the lever.

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No matter the industry, simulators help to save time, money and lives as staff is trained to react according to any regular or critical scenario which are very hard to recreate using standard equipment. By choosing UNIGINE Engine as their 3D visualization platform, Smart Simulation managed to expand their business to new markets and grow closer ties to existing ones, resulting in 11 new train simulators featuring 8 new types of trains in 2022 alone.

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Under and above ground, Smart Simulation visualized 12 371 km of virtual rail tracks, and now counts 459 simulators of 84 types of trains in service worldwide.

We strongly believe that our success lies in the success of our clients as they use our platform to meet the market's needs. It warms our hearts to know that UNIGINE’s hard work is implicated in training high-skilled staff that do a very important job on a daily basis.