Superposition Benchmark 1.1: Free VR to Everyone

Apr 12, 2019

UNIGINE released the updated version 1.1 of its remarkable Superposition benchmark with unlocked free VR mode for the Basic edition, and improved GPU detection.

The original 1.0 version was released in April, 2017 and became popular for its top-notch visuals powered by UNIGINE 2 Engine, extreme hardware stability testing and accurate results. Superposition continued a GPU benchmark series preserving the legacy of already widely spread Heaven and Valley.

Some Statistics

What two years brought:

What’s New

The 1.1 Superposition benchmark boasts free interactive VR mode for the Basic edition which was previously available only in paid editions. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive / Vive Pro or other SteamVR-compatible HMDs are used in VR mode to enjoy high-quality immersive VR graphics interacting with over 900 objects. From now on Linux users can also experience VR mode via SteamVR.

Moreover, the UNIGINE team improved hardware detection algorithms and increased maximum rendering resolution up to 16384 х 16384.

Note that the measurement algorithm and the workload are kept unchanged, which means that the scores of the same system measured by either Superposition 1.0 or Superposition 1.1 will remain the same.

Performance scores sharing at the leaderboard and using the benchmark for commercial purposes are constantly available in the advanced and professional editions.

How to Get?

Updated version of the Superposition Benchmark is available for free download from


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UNIGINE is a leading software provider of interactive 3D visualization technologies since 2005. For the past 12 years on the benchmarking arena the company has developed several popular benchmarks for GPU testing — Sanctuary, Tropics, Heaven, Valley, and Superposition based on the proprietary UNIGINE engine. The 3D engine is a core company product. Support for planet-scale virtual worlds is one of the UNIGINE engine competitive advantages. Now UNIGINE has more than 200 B2B customers worldwide working in the field of professional simulation & training (maritime, ground, air, space, computer vision). UNIGINE technologies are also used in industrial digital twins, BIM, GIS and various VR projects.


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