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News on multiplayer support
Our developers have been working on a multiplayer solution in Unigine for several months now, a lot of research work has already done. We are to complete the module in 5-6 months, it will be available as a regular update for our customers.
New Video Tutorial: Water

We know that lifelike-looking and physically correct water simulation with complex behaviour is crucial for many projects. That’s why UNIGINE provides geometry waves with a correct Beaufort scale 0-12, ship wake waves, caustics effect, shoreline simulation, and underwater mode out-of-the-box.

Moreover, we are going to introduce the real-scale round planet Earth solution soon with bathymetric data added, therefore, physics simulation in UNIGINE is as close to reality as possible.

Check out our new detailed tutorial covering the basics of creating lifelike water in UNIGINE. Learn all the available features, options, and effects, visualize a realistic virtual environment, and raise your simulator to a new level of immersion!

Leonardo DiCaprio Donated John Gerrard’s Solar Reserve to LACMA

Leonardo DiCaprio was so impressed with "Solar Reserve", a UNIGINE-powered art installation by John Gerrard, that he bought it and granted it to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The gift is "intended to raise public awareness of environmental issues".

"Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada)" is a real-time 3D digital simulation of a solar thermal power tower that offers dynamic, changing views of the Nevada site.

Read more on the story in Los Angeles Times or The Art Newspaper.

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We are hiring
Our company is growing so we would be happy to see new team members: developers, PM, sales manager and system administrator. Moreover, the good news is our convenient office in Tomsk is now doubled in size!
Unigine v0.32 release candidate 1

Release candidate of Unigine v0.32 is available for testing.
Main changes since v0.3 are new fast script interpreter, minor bugfixes and set of new tools, including MeshViever,
NormalMapper and various plugins.

3 years of Unigine development
31st of January, 2004 is the starting point of Unigine development. These 3 years contain 5 major releases, megabytes of code, building of the excellent team, founding of the company, first customers and projects on the basis of Unigine. We are very grateful to everyone who believe in Unigine success, there is more to come!
Free software conference
Unigine Corp. is one of the initiators of "Free software: development and deployment" all-Russia conference, which will take place in Tomsk, Russia at 17-18 May. Read more on the official website (in Russian).
Unigine-based game at GDC'08
SteamPunk Studios (a USA-based developer) will introduce an Unigine-based Action game at GDC'08 (February 18-22, San Francisco). The game is targeted to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, it will be released in 2009.