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  • Improved atmospheric light scattering: easy setup, more predictable visuals, better quality.
  • Increased depth buffer precision.
  • Rendering performance optimizations.
  • Improved antialiasing quality.
  • Introduced ObjectText.
  • Support for OS X El Capitan.
  • "Assemble project" feature in SDK Browser.
  • Introduced new set of samples.
  • Round Earth
  • Bow/stern ship wake waves, shoreline
  • Underwater sun shafts, caustics
  • Reworked DoF
  • Global illumination effect
  • Improved support for SSRR
  • Implemented GGX mipmaps
  • HTC Vive support
  • Completely revamped Landscape tool
  • Better API: C# mathlib, better callbacks, new helpers
  • New multi-layered clouds with support for regional weather.
  • New terrain system optimized for flight simulation.
  • Optimized Landscape tool.
  • API for geo-referenced vector data manipulations.
  • Extended features of the VR API.
  • Added support for Oculus Touch controllers.
  • New industrial demo: Oil Refinery.
  • New terrain demo (San Jose region). 
  • New simulation-friendly water with geometric waves (Beaufort scale 0-12)
  • Unified C++/C#/UnigineScript API with full access to the engine features
  • Improved lights and shadows
  • Introduced tiled rendering optimizations
  • Better Qt integration
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015
  • Improved geodetic system
  • SimLights add-on for airfield lights
  • New Oil Rig demo

    • New Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI).
    • Screen-space shadows.
    • 3D spline system.
    • Vector roads API.
    • Landcover data support.
    • Terrain modification API.
    • C++ programming quick start tutorial.
    • New Superposition demo with VR features.
    UNIGINE SDK 2.7.2

    UNIGINE SDK 2.7.2 has been released!

    • Direct import of CAD models (IGES, STEP, STL, BREP formats)
    • Improved voxel and environment probes
    • Physically-based cameras and lights (ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, F-stop, color temperature, etc.)
    • Improved file system and collaboration
    • Optimized texture streaming
    • Improved particle systems: advanced control, easy adjustment
    • Multi-channel rendering improvements
    • Impostor improvements: optimized performance, better tools
    • Terrain holes (tunnels support)
    UNIGINE SDK 2.6.1
    • Better configurator for nonlinear image warping and edge blending.
    • More robust multi-channel rendering with remote projection configuration.
    • Improved CIGI protocol support.
    • Improved generation of grass and clutters, increased performance, runtime modification.
    • Added distributed terrain generation for Landscape tool.
    • Improved UnigineEditor 2.
    • Overall engine improvements and bugfixes.
    UNIGINE SDK 2.2.1
    • New orbits demo
    • Water improvements (bigger waves, better reflections, better underwater mode)
    • Support for Oculus CV1 (consumer version)
    • Introducing export to FBX
    • Improved SimLights add-on
    • Other improvements and minor bugfixes
    UNIGINE SDK 2.1.1
    • Added Port Angeles demo (2500 square kilometers based on real geospatial data)
    • Improved UUSL consistency
    • Extended C++/C# API
    • Added Grass and Clutter samples
    • Bug fixes
    UNIGINE SDK 2.3.1
    • Landscape tool optimizations (upto 4x faster, less RAM required)
    • Renderer optimizations, including VR ones
    • GPGPU (General-purpose GPU) computing via compute shaders
    • High-quality DXT texture compression on GPU
    • Structured buffers for CPU <-> GPU data transfer
    • New Tank demo