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Some of our 100+ clients worldwide are listed here. Please note that the list is incomplete due to Non-Disclosure Agreements. All of these projects are powered by UNIGINE Engine.


Analytical software complex

Developer:Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia)
Customer:JSC "ALMAZ-ANTEY" MSDB", an affiliate of JSC "Concern "Almaz-Antey" (Russia)
Type:Interactive simulator
Websites:frtk.ru, mipt.ru, www.raspletin.ru, www.almaz-antey.ru
Status:in use; planned functionality extension
Press-release:"JSC "ALMAZ-ANTEY" MSDB", One of The World's Leading Defense Companies, Is Now Using UNIGINE Engine Technology"
"For our project, we have chosen a technologically advanced tool that is flexible and optimized for performance – the UNIGINE Engine. Our experience with UNIGINE Engine has proven that the work environment is convenient and the provided technical support is quick and of high quality. But most importantly, UNIGINE Engine allows us to get photorealistic image quality in real-time with excellent performance and scalability depending on the hardware resources. State-of-the-art real-time rendering technology found in UNIGINE Engine allows us to bring visual quality in our software complex to the top".
Gregory Krasnozhenov, head of "Visualization" project
Design Centre of the Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Steamship Simulator

Type:Interactive maritime simulator
Press-release:"Ai3D UNIGINE-based Steamship Simulator Successfully Completes Beta Testing"
"Over the time we have been using UNIGINE, we have been impressed with the regular feature updates and improvements to systems and visual quality. UNIGINE’s abilities to handle very large simulation environments make it a first class realtime simulation solution".
Steve Brodie, CEO of Ai3D.

Simulator of a cell moving through the blood;
Walking simulator integrated with running machine

Developer:Shanghai Foremost Multimedia (China)
Type:Interactive simulators
Status:Released for Windows


Developer:ACTISKU (France)
Type:3D visualization solution for digital marketing and research applications
Status:Released for Windows and Mac, featuring web-player
Press-release:"ACTISKU relaunches real-time 3D solution for market researches based on UNIGINE Engine"
"The thing I have most appreciated when working with UNIGINE, is that it makes possible to develop any features our clients need and do it very fast."
Bennet Holmes, Business Development Director

Virtual reconstruction of York Minster Cathedral

Developer:Institute of Digital Theology (USA)
Type:Historical reconstruction, educational
Status:In development
"UNIGINE was the natural choice as it allows IDT to accomplish our charge to make an accessible digital record of York Minster. It has a powerful rendering engine that creates a realistic representation of the actual space."
James R. Ginther, Co-Director


Real-time interactive architectural visualizations

Developer:AI3D (Australia)
Status:Released for Windows and Linux (several projects)
Press-release:"AI3D has released a city-scale project based on UNIGINE technologies"
"We found the engine handled very large scenes really well while maintaining great AA and light quality. We have been very impressed with the extensive feature list of UNIGINE also."
Steve Brodie, CEO

Magus ex Machina

Developer:Qilqax International (Panama)
Type:3D animated movie
Website:qilqax.com, magusexmachina.com
Status:Pre-production completed
"Lighting, animation porting and simulation are a breeze. Our work is experimental, and contains complex scenes yet UNIGINE keeps stable. The UNIGINE team has been very helpful in our process. Not only they have created useful documentation for their software, they are very available for e-mail consult. The improvement of this software is constant. We eagerly expect the next version, as each one brings features that not only make our job easier but enrich it in ever unexpected ways."
Edgardo Munoz-Najar, Development Manager


Developer:UNIGINE Corp.
Type:GPU benchmark with interactive mode
Website:product page
Status:Released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Real-time interactive architectural visualizations

Developer:Skyline Ink (USA)
Status:Released for Windows (several projects)

Heaven Benchmark

Developer:UNIGINE Corp.
Type:GPU benchmark with interactive mode
Website:product page
Status:Released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
"The 'Heaven' benchmark that uses the UNIGINE easily shows off the full potential of DirectX 11 graphics cards."
Nathan Kirsch, Editor-In-Chief
Legit Reviews

Sanctuary Benchmark

Developer:UNIGINE Corp.
Type:GPU benchmark with interactive mode
Website:product page
Status:Released for Windows and Linux

Tropics Benchmark

Developer:UNIGINE Corp.
Type:GPU benchmark with interactive mode
Website:product page
Status:Released for Windows and Linux
"When it comes to OpenGL engines on the Linux OS, we haven't been able to find one that fully utilizes the graphics card as well as UNIGINE. Even using the most modern hardware, UNIGINE still takes full advantage of all available computing power and delivers jaw-dropping results. This is the most advanced real-time 3D engine we have seen on Linux."
Michael Larabel, Executive Editor
Phoronix Media


Oil Rush

Developer:UNIGINE Corp.
Description:Real-time naval strategy game based on group control. It combines the strategic challenge of a classical RTS with the sheer fun of Tower Defense.
Status:Released for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
"It's very useful for an engine provider to use its own technology: this way we are confident that we deliver to our customers exactly what they need in order to create awesome games. Besides the technology, we want to introduce a dynamic strategy game, especially for platforms lacking this genre: Linux and PS3."
Denis Shergin, CEO


Developer:BlueGiant Interactive (India)
Genre:Real-time strategy
Status:Released for Windows
Press-release:"BlueGiant Interactive licenses Unigine engine for future game titles"
"UNIGINE has helped us to bring to life our vision by providing powerful, easily extendable toolset along with complete scripting language. Such flexibility has been instrumental in integrating our tried and tested in-house RTS engine with UNIGINE's state-of-the art Rendering and Physics solutions."
Vinnie Reddy, CEO


Developer:Flying Cafe For Semianimals (Ukraine)
Description:Sci-Fi first-person quest.
Status:To be released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in 2012
Press-release:"Flying Cafe announces Cradle project"
"We have chosen UNIGINE engine because it can create an enticing image of any world you can possibly imagine. I can say for sure that this technology doesn't bound you in a visual style so a project can have its unique look. After a thorough examination of other engines, we highly appreciated this quality in UNIGINE. The atmosphere of the Cradle world owes much to flexibility of UNIGINE Engine."
Ilya Tolmachev, the Creative Director and Founder

Dilogus - The Winds of War

Developer:Digital Arrow (Serbia)
Description:Third-person High Fantasy RPG/Action featuring floating islands and mystical caves.
Website:Project page on Indie DB, www.dilogus-game.com
Status:In development
Press-release:"Dilogus fantasy RPG comes to life with UNIGINE engine"

"UNIGINE is a great technology for our game because it provides amazing image quality and easily handles large worlds as well as extremely-detailed indoors. The project was originally started as a full conversion mod and we have tried out several top-level engines before UNIGINE. This having been said, UNIGINE has proven to be the best technology for our game."
Taylor Hughes, Technical Artist
"We find UNIGINE perfect."
Norbert Varga, CEO

Syndicates of Arkon

Developer:MCM Online (Ukraine)
Description:MMORPG in cyberpunk setting.
Status:Released for Windows

Relics of Annorath

Developer:Quantum Bytes (Switzerland)
Description:MMORPG which takes place in a medieval/post-modern setting. Features a complex economic system.
Status:In development, alpha-testing stage

The Dreamers

Developer:PlaySys (Italy)
Description:A cartoon-style 3D adventure game with sad mood.
Status:In development
Press-release:"PlaySys develops a UNIGINE-based 3D adventure game"
"We were developing our internal engine when we discovered UNIGINE, which attracted us by its complete material editor and intuitive workflow. Because of our photorealistic approach to design and architecture visualization we decided to use UNIGINE technologies. The great power of this middleware will let PlaySys express its creativity, thanks to the rich set of features provided by UNIGINE."
Luca Deriu, Creative Director


Developer:Digital Engine (Russia)
Description:Fantasy open-world MMORPG with islands floating in the ocean and flying above it. It features clans and guilds of humans and elves, and allows for adding custom artifacts.
Status:In development

To be announced

Developer:New FX Games (Ukraine)
Description:A Sci-Fi first-person shooter.
Status:In development


Developer:ACTIPLAY (France)
Description:Petshop is a bestseller toys for kids made by Hasbro. This small game is made for kids and for a very large spectrum of PCs.
Websites:www.clubpetshop.fr, www.actiplay.com
Status:Released for Windows and Mac, featuring web-player
Press-release:"ACTIPLAY has released UNIGINE-powered advergame for kids"
"We used UNIGINE engine to make this kind of project because of the quality and the modularity of its sources. Our goals were to provide as fast as possible 3D interactive environments online for a large spectrum of machines, we easily made project-specific modifications. UNIGINEScript is furthermore a perfect script language to code fast and efficiently. It is an ideal framework for industrial applications and games."
Patrick Gomez, R&D Director

MMT Online

Developer:RunServer (Ukraine)
Description:Medieval MMORPG.
Website:Project page on Indie DB, runserver.net
Status:Playable demo available for Windows and Linux


Developer:Strange Games (USA)
Description:Action puzzle-shooter game.
Status:Released for iOS
"UNIGINE has propelled us to achieve our vision for Demolicious while consistently surpassing our expectations in terms of stability, usability, compatibility, and raw power. We are happy to have such a strong technology foundation for our projects, especially with the timely and personal support provided by the UNIGINE team."
Ken Mayfield, Director of Technology

Please note that the list is incomplete due to Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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