UNIGINE team is back from I/ITSEC 2019 from Florida!

déc. 25, 2019

We are back from I/ITSEC 2019 from Florida!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth! It was an amazing opportunity to show our new products to more than 16,000 visitors and simulation professionals from around the world.

The demo of the Mars was an unconditional success!
Rover stand

Visitors to the stand could not believe that the traces of the rover on Mars and generally all terrain modification was performed in real time! This is made possible by our new Landscape Terrain system, which is already included in the new version of the SDK UNIGINE 2.10.

Helicopter landing on a burning oil platform, made our guests nervous
Oilplatform 2
Ig release 2 10

Storm, wind and smoke made this task incredibly difficult. And only professional pilots managed 100%. Our technology enables you to hone your skills in absolutely safe conditions. The demo was quickly created with the use of UNIGINE IG — a high-level system enabling you to build a simulator without a single line of code.

We were glad to see our partners and customers at the stand! We're looking forward to long-term and fruitful cooperation. See you at I / ITSEC 2020!