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Happy New Year!

Unigine team congratulates all our clients and the site visitors with oncoming New Year!
We wish you success and happiness in every respect.

By the way, we have prepared some pleasant surprises for the first days of New Year, so stay tuned.

Unigine v0.4 roadmap changes

There are a lot of changes in Unigine v0.4 roadmap, including DirectX support, huge
dynamically loaded terrains, big endian platforms support (Mac, XBox360, PS3).
Therefore v0.4 will be released a little bit later, in the spring (April-May), beta-version will be available in

Frequently Asked Questions
Unigine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are published in 'documentation' section. There you could find answers about technology and licenses.
v0.4 pre-ordering
Official pre-ordering of Unigine v0.4 has been started, v0.33 orders are no longer accepted. Scheduled release date for v0.4 is set to January 2007. There are also available new screenshots, feature list and licensing info.
Unigine at RGDC (KRI) 2008
Our CEO, CTO and lead 3D artist are going to attend Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI), which will take place from 18th to 20th of April in Moscow, Russia. Please contact us to make an appointment if you are interested in Unigine.
Prices update and list of clients
Licensing prices for Unigine have been updated, all of them are royalty-free now. Moreover, some of the Unigine-based projects are now listed on the "Clients & Titles" page .
Heaven benchmark at GIGABYTE Overclocker Contest
GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY announced the winner of The Best 3D Overclocker Contest on HWBOT, the tool used was a popular Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark. Read more in the official press-release.
UNIGINE's Crypt demo is ported into a browser
You can get a glimpse of UNIGINE's Crypt demo running in a browser just by following a link. In less than one month, Anthony Liot, at ACTISKU, a company that develops world-class 3D marketing solutions using the UNIGINE Engine, single-handedly adopted real-time UNIGINE demo - with all visual effects - to JavaScript/WebGL, proving that such port can be done by an experienced developer with the full source UNIGINE SDK (that comes without WebGL support) on hand. Watch Crypt online (a browser with WebGL support is required).
Sci-Fi RTS "Tryst" is announced
BlueGiant Interactive has officially unveiled their new science-fiction real-time strategy game, Tryst. The game had been in development for over a year, and will run on the UNIGINE engine. There is an official website with in-game screenshots and a teaser available.
Tryst RTS is released
BlueGiant Interactive has released "Tryst", a Sci-Fi real-time strategy, powered by UNIGINE Engine. The game is now available for Windows on Steam. See more on the official website.