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New version of UNIGINE was released. This release was aimed at making your experience with UNIGINE 2 even better by improving the UI and functionality of the Editor and tools and adding more useful and long-awaited features.

  • Updated SDK editions
  • Voxel GI solution without UV maps
  • Improved assets workflow
  • Synthetic terrain generation
  • Dynamic cross-sections for CAD apps
  • FBX import in runtime
  • Dynamic destruction of trees and grass in runtime
  • Extended properties system
  • Dome screens support
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UNIGINE Conducted A Training For The Developers Of A Spacewalk Simulator

UNIGINE conducted a training for the developers of a virtual reality system for spacewalk simulation. Employees of the Laser Systems company participated in the training. They develop software to prepare astronauts to work outside the space station for Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (the leading company in the development of rocket and space technology in Russia).

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Indian Customers Are About To Launch Virtual Studio For TV

Last week, customers from Monarch Innovative Technologies visited UNIGINE. The purpose of the visit was to get expert assistance in the use of UNIGINE 2 SDK for virtual studio creation.

Virtual Studio is a system that enables real-time visualization of any 3D environment, be it a news studio or a kids educational show, using the Chroma Key technique (green screen for compositing several images or video streams together).

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VSTEP To Provide Bridge Simulators For UAE Naval Training Centre

VSTEP has been awarded a contract to provide CAE with full mission bridge simulators for UAE (United Arab Emirates) Naval Training Centre until 2019. These ship simulators are based on NAUTIS 3 platform, which is powered by UNIGINE 2 Sim. The purpose-built Training Centre will feature a range of integrated ship simulation-based training suites as well as maritime aircraft sensor stations that will be used to deliver training for individuals, command teams, and whole ship crews.

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The Internal Hackathon Took Place In UNIGINE

UNIGINE’s internal hackathon took place recently. The participants were split into 9 teams and had only 72 hours to develop an interactive 3D application using the UNIGINE engine. Each team included a 3D artist, a programmer and a "third talent". Even employees working remotely across Russia actively participated.

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  • Better configurator for nonlinear image warping and edge blending.
  • More robust multi-channel rendering with remote projection configuration.
  • Improved CIGI protocol support.
  • Improved generation of grass and clutters, increased performance, runtime modification.
  • Added distributed terrain generation for Landscape tool.
  • Improved UnigineEditor 2.
  • Overall engine improvements and bugfixes.
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UNIGINE Booth at I/ITSEC 2017

We invite you to visit UNIGINE booth #1170 at I/ITSEC 2017 event in Orlando, USA on November 27-30. There will be several live demos of UNIGINE 2 Sim showcasing its capabilities in real-time 3D visualization for professional simulators. Also, you can meet our senior developers, senior artists and CEO in person during the show.

I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training Simulation & Education Conference) is the world's largest modeling, simulation, and training conference held in Orlando, FL since 1966. Last year there were 15000 attendees from business, military, and government.


New Version of NAVANTIS Naval Simulator Presented at PACIFIC 2017

Navantia presented a new version of its naval simulator NAVANTIS, developed together with their technological partner Arisnova S.L., in one of the most relevant fairs worldwide in its sector, the Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2017, held in Sydney, Australia during last October. The system is powered by UNIGINE 2 Sim and provides both multi-channel bridge view and VR modes.

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Article on SSRTGI Technology website has published the detailed story about how UNIGINE R&D team solved one of the most challenging problems in real-time 3D graphics: global illumination in real-time. It covers technical aspects of the unique SSRTGI (Screen-Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination) lighting technology, which is a part of UNIGINE 2 SDK.

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  • Editor 2 re-written from scratch.
  • Assets system.
  • Improved multi-channel rendering.
  • Improved CIGI protocol support.
  • Procedural generation in Landscape Tool.
  • Improved TerrainGlobal.
  • Materials system refactoring.
  • VR template project.
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UNIGINE 2 was presented to Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller

Alexey Miller, chairman of the board of directors of Gazprom PJSC, visited Tomsk on September 5. During his visit he attended the exhibition of high-end technological developments for oil and gas industry organized by the leading local companies. At this event UNIGINE showcased the capabilities of UNIGINE 2 3D-visualization platform to the head of Gazprom.

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UNIGINE 2 Sim Website

Introducing a dedicated website for UNIGINE 2 Sim, a software platform for 3D visualization in professional simulation (flight, space, maritime, ground, railroad and much more): There are detailed feature descriptions, use cases and key customers listed on the website.

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