News 2018-06-01

VR Museum on the UNIGINE Platform in 4 Days

It's been only a month since we've released UNIGINE 2.7, and we already got feedback about working with our updated platform.

The MY.TECH festival took place on May 22-23 in                St. Petersburg, where advanced practices of efficient implementation of hi-tech solutions for urban environment, industry, education and culture were demonstrated.

At the festival our partner — MediaVision, a full cycle engineering and design company, shared their new design project of an interactive museum space. The VR project was created on the UNIGINE 2.7 platform in just 4 days. Such a time saving is possible because UNIGINE lets you transfer models for visualization without any preparation or optimization.

Vasily Koksharov, MediaVision’s CEO, shared his impressions of working with UNIGINE 2.7: "We created a design project of a museum space with rather complex geometry and "clean" homogeneous surfaces. The light comes to the main hall only though the windows under the roof. In the gallery, the light comes from the emissive material. It would be a real headache to bake lighting using traditional methods like in other popular engines, as there are a lot of intersection areas between the surfaces. This would be almost impossible or take too long to do it without graphic artefacts. Besides, all the decorative moldings of the building are represented by high-quality scans with a huge number of polygons.

We had little time, so we baked lighting in a preview mode using a single Voxel Probe for the entire object. The whole baking process took 4 hours with a cache size of 100 MB. The rest of the adjustment was made with SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination) and SSGI (Screen Space Global Illumination) technologies, available in the UNIGINE Engine.

The result exceeded all the expectations. Only a very meticulous expert could tell the difference from the ray-trayced rendering. Moreover, it was demonstrated using a VR headset and a GTX980Ti GPU!

We received a lot of enthusiastic comments on our demo. Everybody noticed that they had never seen such a level of graphics in VR. I would like once again to express my great respect to the developers of UNIGINE for putting an end to the tedious unwrapping era! "

As we already published earlier, in UNIGINE 2.7 we introduced a new Voxel GI solution, which doesn’t require UV mapping.