News 2018-01-15

The Internal Hackathon Took Place In UNIGINE

UNIGINE’s internal hackathon took place recently. The participants were split into 9 teams and had only 72 hours to develop an interactive 3D application using the UNIGINE engine. Each team included a 3D artist, a programmer and a "third talent". Even employees working remotely actively participated. The company’s approach is to put itself in the place of their customers, that’s why all VR applications and simulators are created using their own platform. At the hackathon developers could once again feel themselves as UNIGINE 2 SDK users.

In just three days the teams developed 9 applications and games, with 4 of them tailored for VR headsets. “Help Grandma” was the hackathon’s theme. The winner was an educational application for elderly people, helping them to tackle with new gadgets. There were also various games, including quests, shooters and even a horror one. The participants helped grandmothers to get to the post, bypassing many obstacles, and rescued them from bloodthirsty tomatoes. Flight of thought and imagination was limited only by a strict deadline. The best projects were determined by a general vote. Not only the idea, but also the technical and artistic implementation as well as user experience were evaluated.

Participants noted that it is the internal hackathon that gives a feeling of community and yet another chance to test your own product. "Even new employees having no experience with the UNIGINE engine had no problems. Once again we made sure that an average user will be able to make it, should he or she decide on our engine” - Davyd, lead technical artist at UNIGINE. However, there is no limit to perfection, and based on the hackathon results a list of engine enhancements was compiled to make it even more comfortable to use. These improvements will be available to the company's customers in the upcoming SDK release.

Almost all the employees noted that they would be happy to participate in such internal hackathons several times a year.