Press-Release 2013-04-03

All-New UNIGINE Valley Benchmark Is Bundled with EVGA GeForce GTX Graphics Cards

UNIGINE’s Valley Benchmark, which features an enormously vast outdoor 3D environment filled with lush forests, is coming bundled this spring with groundbreaking EVGA GeForce GTX graphics cards. This all-new comprehensive benchmarking tool from the lineup of trusted benchmarks from UNIGINE Corp., is already acclaimed by users and industry professionals as a miraculously beautiful yet efficient GPU stress-testing tool for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Valley accurately measures GPU performance and tests its reliability under graphics-intensive and technologically advanced scenarios. Its workload will showcase robust and extremely reliable EVGA GeForce graphics cards at their best.

“We want our customers to get high-performance graphic cards capable of amazing graphics performance, in a bundle with an unbiased tool to test its full potential. That is the exact reason we have chosen the newest UNIGINE Valley Benchmark for bundling with EVGA GeForce GTX graphics cards,” - said Jacob Freeman, Product Manager at EVGA.

Valley Benchmark shows a misty valley sheltered by craggy mountains, with fully interactive controls and a dynamic environment. Be it flying over snow-caped peaks or hiking along grassy slopes detailed down to every flower petal, it amazes with its scale.

Such great quality of visuals is delivered by the highly regarded UNIGINE Engine that provides excellent and highly scalable performance on high-end PCs and Macs down to smartphones and tablets. Immensely flexible and scalable, the UNIGINE technology is used in hundreds of projects from top-notch games to simulations and visualization systems.

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About EVGA

EVGA is the #1 NVIDIA authorized partner in channel sales throughout North America. Based on the philosophy of intelligent innovation, market knowledge, and real time operation, EVGA continues to identify the need in the market place and providing the solution to that need.

By offering product differentiation, 24/7 tech support, a 90 day Step-Up program, and other customer focused programs, EVGA is a clear leader in all categories: etail, retail, distribution, and system builders. With headquarters in Brea, CA, EVGA's global coverage includes EVGA GmbH in Munich, EVGA LATAM in Miami, and EVGA Hong Kong.

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About UNIGINE Corp.

UNIGINE Corp. is an international company focused on real-time 3D technologies development. Over seven years on the market, the company offers top-notch real-time 3D solutions for scientific research, simulation, visualization, serious games, virtual reality systems, video games development and more.

UNIGINE is a leading company providing a lineup of GPU benchmarks such as Sanctuary, Tropics, Heaven and the newest Valley Benchmark. It has also released the Oil Rush naval strategy game, with its mobile version due out this February.

UNIGINE Corp. is a registered developer of Apple Inc., AMD Inc., NVIDIA Corporation and Creative Technology Ltd. As a registered developer, UNIGINE works closely with its ecosystem partners in order to achieve the best level of performance and compatibility for all of our products. The company also develops technologies for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS and has a license to develop tools and middleware for PLAYSTATION®3 platform.

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