Press-Release 2012-01-21

Strange Games Unleashes the Awesomely Destructive Puzzle-Shooter "Demolicious" on the iOS App Store.

Worldwide - January 19, 2012Strange Games announced today that it’s highly anticipated mobile game Demolicious has been officially launched, and is now available on the iOS App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Demolicious is the must-have action-puzzle-shooter which showcases cutting edge physics and destruction on mobile devices. Powered by the advanced UNIGINE Engine, Demolicious packs a powerful technological punch and provides a uniquely mind-bending action-puzzle gameplay experience.

Strange Games is independently publishing and developing Demolicious, and is also hard at work on an Android version which will be launched on the Android Market in the coming weeks.

Featuring intuitive touch-screen controls, Demolicious challenges you to carefully aim and fire powerful cannons to destroy cargo crates while solving challenging physics puzzles. Test your skills in over 60 unique destruction arenas and whacky mini-games. Destroy all magical crates in the arena in any way imaginable in order to win. Use the full 3D environment to solve mind-boggling puzzles and destroy explosive crates to do heavy damage. Switch between cannons and viewpoints at any time in order to destroy with tactical precision from multiple firing angles. Create havoc with ricochets, explosions, and domino effects! Enjoy the spectacular fireworks as a barrage of instant replays celebrates your success or failure in all its destructive glory!

"At Strange Games, we strive to create high-quality hand-crafted experiences, and we feel that Demolicious is exactly that. Demolicious is focused on giving fans of the genre a new take on physics puzzles and tactical shooting; this time utilizing the entire 3D environment," said veteran AAA Game Designer Bob Watersports, Strange Games’ Director of Development. "With tons of explosive content, and replayability, Demolicious provides an awesome value to gamers on the iOS App Store!"

Strange Games is also proud to announce the release of the Demolicious launch trailer. Featuring an intensely emotional battle to release the Cratistani people from the evil wizard Gregoire who has imprisoned them in crates of magic! The only way to save the world is to release his victims by utilizing awesome explosions and tactical firing precision! For the latest information, including the Demolicious launch trailer, and screenshots of the game visit

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