Press-Release 2008-11-24

VZillion Inc. and Unigine Corp. create unique alliance to bring virtual Internet to life

VZillion Inc. the innovator of the Virtual Internet, today announced that it has licensed the versatile multi-platform Unigine 3D engine, to increase its footprint in the rapidly expanding market of virtual entertainment and social immersive environments.

VZillion's Vspaces (VirtuReal Spaces) merge the Internet, entertainment, social and business portals across one architecture. Antonio Collier, CEO and founder of VZillion says, "VZillion's vision is to develop our dynamic environments so that they may be used on anything that has a screen and power. With the Unigine's 3D stereoscopic capabilities and cross-platform design, we will be able to quickly move beyond the desktop to mobile devices and 3D televisions."

"Bringing our engine technology to innovative projects is important to us, because it can reveal more potential of modern real-time 3D middleware. 10 years ago it was like a dream, but today we have enough technology power to bring virtual reality into everyday life. VZillion can be a next big leap forward in everyday communication between people, so I'm eager to see first results of our partnership with this team", said Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.

The CTO of VZillion, James Piper, had this to say, "Unigine was an obvious choice for us. It allows our team to experiment with different forms or genres of game styles with ease; which is very important for the various features we are implementing and for scalability. Unigine also provides regular engine and documentation updates; which allows us to leverage their API effectively. Unigine not only gives us the power to create a cross-platform architecture, but a powerful 3D internet management application."

The alliance of a leading edge virtual environment company and a powerful 3D real-time engine will usher in a new era of collaboration and interoperability. With such milestones as a Virtual OS and dynamic virtual Internet on the horizon Collier adds, "Fusing VZillion and Unigine will also allow us to open our unique concept up to our members spawning an explosion of new innovations and technologies. As VZillion is not simply a virtual world, but a tool for change we are extremely excited about what tomorrow brings."

About VZillion, Inc.

Founded in 2006 and set for public launch in October of 2008, the VZillion platform is a Web 4.0 VirtuReal (real entity with virtual representation) environment that smashes through traditional, flat, 2-D web pages to create a 3-D personal Internet experience that makes the web come alive. Far beyond a new application, VZillion is an entirely new Internet world. Offering mind-blowing capabilities, VZillion provides tremendous opportunity for individuals, businesses, education providers, entrepreneurs, and others to develop a VirtuReal presence within the environment.

About Unigine Corp.

Unigine is a cross-platform engine for real-time 3D worlds, which stands on the bleeding edge of the technology. Due to its elaborated design and flexible toolset this feature-rich middleware is used in various VR projects as well as in modern games of different genres. Unigine Corp., the developer of Unigine, is a registered developer of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (previously ATI Technologies Inc.), NVIDIA Corporation and Creative Labs Inc.