Press-Release 2008-10-30

"Tropics" Demo 1.1 shows DirectX 10.1 features

The new Tropics Demo 1.1, which is based on the latest Unigine technologies, is released on October, 30 and available for download now.

Key changes

  • Support of DirectX 10.1 multisampling features
  • Performance boost
  • Procedural grass
  • Multisampled deferred buffer, which allows combination of light scattering with anti-aliasing
  • Pixel Shader Model 3.0 support is required now, so minimal supported hardware is ATI Radeon X1xxx / NVIDIA GeForce 6xxx
  • Additional AMD CrossFire optimizations
  • Correct detection of NVIDIA GTX series
See information about the previous version.

Improved image quality

no AA
4xAA DirectX 10.0
4xAA on DirectX 10.0
4xAA DirectX 10.1
4xAA on DirectX 10.1

About Unigine

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